Southwestern College

"Get started on your career learning and practicing sustainable energy systems"

Degree Description:

Introduces the student to the study of the growth of the human population and its effects on
energy and climate demands with an emphasis on landscaping and the built environment.
Studies the relationship between human biology and the environment as applied to building
design. Emphasises sustainable building design, passive energy strategies, and the
application of appropriate heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. A hands on study of
energy auditing methods of existing homes as they are now constructed, analysis of
residential design and strategies for energy efficiecy. Prepares the student to take the
California H.E.R.S. level 1 certification exam.

Certificate of Proficiency Course Requirements:

 Course #  Course Title  Units
SES 101 or LNT 101 Introduction to Sustainable Energy Studies  3
SES 110 Introduction to Building Science  3
SES 120 The Energy Efficient Building  3
SES 201 or ARCH 201 Beginning Building Information Modeling (BIM)  3
SES 205 Building Energy Analysis Using BIM  3
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