Southwestern College

 Club/Organization Name      Purpose



(Abilities Beyond Limitation through Education)

The unification of Southwestern College students; to offer the chance for students to take a more active role on issues pertaining to students with disabilities.

Allen Chu

Robert Valerio 

ADN 2017

(Associate Degree Nurses 2017)

Promote nursing as a profession and an art and science. To raise capital for the class of 2017 activities and promote goodwill between first year ADN students and second year ADN students.

Linda McDonald 

ADN 2018

(Associate Degree Nurses 2018)

Promote nursing as a profession and an art and science. To raise capital for the class of 2018 activities and promote goodwill between first year ADN students and second year ADN students.

Zaydie Feria-Bataller

Arlin Ramira



(Arts, Music, Spoken Word)

Create a platform that allows student to develop social skills and artistic skills through performance, the group will also create a positive and healthy atmosphere to network for advancement in careers. Create a food bank to feed homeless and less fortunate. Visit the sick in hospitals and elderly home. Motivate and inspire students towards excellence through weekly informal discussions.

 Abdishakur Omar



(American Medical Student Association)

Promote the development of a communication network between students with common interests in Health care, research, and medicine. Facilitate educational programs for the recruitment and retention of pre-health students in areas such as academic success, career opportunities, and politics of medicine. Encourage and expose pre-health students to community services and clinical experiences.

Dr. Sharon E. Shapiro

Luz Alvarez


Anthropology Club Promote and expose the field of Anthropology to enthusiasts and other interested parties while enhancing the academic experience of its members through supplementary learning and anthropologically relevant activities. The club stresses an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to Anthropology

Maria Jelaca-Tavakoli


Architecture Club Promote and organize fund raisers, design workshops, and collaborative activities with other department clubs and members of the community. Provide students with an opportunity to participate in goals-oriented group activities. Promote awareness about the field of architecture and unify students with similar goals. Incorporate activities related to the built environment. Provides mentorship opportunities.

Diana de la Torre Arredondo

Eric Johnson


ASTRA Volunteer Club Provide opportunities for personal development, career planning and preparation, leadership training, and citizenship development through community service. To sponsor and participate in community service projects. Promote fellowship and better understanding among all people.

Max Branscomb


BATE-PAPO Portugues SWC Club To be updated

Linda DeCaterina 


Bayan Student Organization Provide students who participated in the Bayan Learning Community an opportunity to develop leadership skills, conduct activities and events that support Filipino American students in the college community and the transfer process.

Arlie Ricasa


Black Student Union Committed to understanding the history of the Black experience in the United States, our connection with Africans throughout the world and our relationships with other cultures. Empower members of the Black culture.

Abdishakur Omar



(Biologists Research Effervesce & Wort)

 To be updated

Maria Rodriguez-Aguirre


Carrills Providing a social atmosphere where a diverse group of student can learn and grow through the exchange of thoughts, personal goals, philosophies, and development of self-expression. Promote awareness of activates during schedule club meetings. Provide students with an opportunity to participate in-goal group activities.

Ahmed Rasheed Aden


CNA Club Class of 2016 (Certified Nursing Assistants) Promote nursing as a profession and an art and science. Work in cooperation with other organization in projects designed to benefit. Raise capital to maintain an account to be used for funding activities associated with the CNA program. Foster alumnae relationship. Participate in volunteer projects related to health and nursing in support of the local community health and welfare needs.

Rosemarie Cruz


Chemistry Club Provide students chemists an opportunity to experience the professionalism that a career in chemistry would give as well as gaining experience through community outreach programs.

Dr. Joann Um

Alexandra Hofler 

Child Development Club To be a source of support for students interested in the field of child development; to serve as a place to network and share ideas and job opportunities; and serve as an advocate for children issues and for students interested in the field of child development.

Jenny Sabas

Victoria Enriquez-Campos 

Clay Club To expand the experience and artistic opportunities for ceramics students and to increase the visibility of the College’s ceramics program.

John O. Lewis 

DH Club

(Dental Hygiene)

The purpose of the club is to enhance the professional development and personal growth of each dental hygiene student. The development of a club enables the dental hygiene students to work together in educating the community and sharing our knowledge of oral health.

Karen Kubischta 

Earth Science Club To serve as a platform that bridges an Earth Science college education with Earth realities in the greater San Diego area.

Carole L. Ziegler

Bulent Bas


Environmental Technology Club The purpose of the Environmental Technology Club is to support the students of Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology (EHMT) curriculum. This is done by facilitating access to industry-related training courses, seminars, and certification programs.

Marie Vicario


Film/Media Arts Club To utilize the skills and equipment that Southwestern College puts at the disposition of students interested in pursuing careers in cinematic arts and media.

Gary Bulkin

Peter Maxwell 

Global Brigades at SWC  

Raul Soto



(Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, & Success)

To serve as a resource to support the education and success of immigrant students of all races and ethnicities. IDEAS aims to support the disenfranchised student population by creating a community of allies and supporters for all immigrant students (especially the undocumented) at Southwestern College.

Javier Madrigal


Jewelry & Metal Arts Club To promote a social atmosphere and community for all SWC Students; to create visibility and interest for the Jewelry/metals program; to support members by providing funding for special tools, materials and other educational opportunities; to expose members to business realities as they relate to the jewelry/ metals field.

Lisa Slovis Mandel


Laulima Hula Lui To raise awareness of Polynesian culture and dances through research and performances.

Mimi Rasky

Vicente Taijeron



(Lead by Example)

Provide an inclusionary environment where students can feel comfortable and integrate into the school and the community. Dedicated to help students maintain focus on their two year transfer plan. Provide students with the opportunity to network and explore the resources SWC has to offer.

Alejandro Orozco


MAS Scholars

(Mexican American Studies)

Connect students within MAS Scholars with direct guidance within their academic, professional careers, as well give personal mentorship that they would not be able to get from large resources on campus.

Greg Pantoja

Angelica Palacios



(Math And Science Club)

The purpose of MASC is to provide students opportunities which broaden and enrich their participation in the world of mathematics.

Youssef Francis



(Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan)

To provide awareness of socio-political, historical, and cultural elements in order to empower students to become active within their community.

Ronald Baza


Marisol Natividad


Motive Auto Club To build strong sense of community within SWC for current and former Automotive Program students as well as other interested students; inform club members of academic, social, and community activities related to the Automotive tech discipline.

David Preciado

Alan Butler



(Muslim Student Association

Provide a framework to bring students, faculty, and staff Muslin heritage, MSA at SWC provides a voice for the Muslin community at SWC. The organization works toward the retention for Muslim students through building a strong Muslim identity, encouraging leadership among its members, and instilling in its constituency the need to work for the community while fighting social injustice and oppression.

Abdimalik Buul



(Nu Alpha Omega)

To promote understanding and better communication between criminal justice agencies; to foster, through fraternal contact, a greater understanding of institutions of higher learning and professional criminal justice agencies; to aid and encourage the expansion of higher education and to provide a unified voice for students; to fulfill these objectives.

Michael Speyrer


New Life Bible Study Turning the hearts of students and families through partnerships and collaborations in the community and though the college campus.

Sandy Sada


Page To Stage Club  To be updated

Ruff Yeager


 Pagkakaisa Literally translated as “all in one.” To establish a cultural identity and raise cultural awareness; to be of service to the Filipino and Asian-Pacific Islander community; develop leadership through campus participation.

Christopher Vito


Proposed Collegiate Section of the Society of Women Engineers To encourage our underrepresented community of female engineering technology, science, and mathematics students to overcome societal convictions to gender roles and continuously pursue their professional and academic goals.

Raul Soto



(Phi Theta Kappa)

Nurture academic excellence; provide leadership training; imbue desire to continue education; earn membership by qualifications, honor, and service.

Myriam Moody

Michael Odu


Puente Project To increase contribute and support educational endeavors; increase socio-political awareness and become familiar with issues impacting communities; involvement in decision making process on campus and community; to poster personal development leadership training.

Joyce Bayles

Veronica Guaracha



(Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)

 To be updated

Shannon Pagano

Cheryl Norton


San Ysidro Child Development Club To be a source of support for students interested in the field of child development at the San Ysidro campus; to serve as a place to network and share ideas and job opportunities; and serve as an advocate for children issues and for students interested in the field of child development.

 Edna G. Marquez



(Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)

To provide student exposure to engineering, electronics and science related filed. Develop leadership skill in student. Offer financial assistant through scholarships. Professional engineering speakers, guided engineering corporation tours, and internships

Minerva Garcia


Sigma Psi Kappa To provide a medium for psychology students to exchange ideas and voice their concerns in a safe and open environment. To encourage members to take initiative in helping fellow members with psychology course material by supplying student to student tutoring and conducting/arranging study groups.

Blanca Jimenez



(Student for Justice in Palestine)

The purpose of this organization shall be to part parcel of the larger student movement sweeping university campuses across the United States, SJP is a diverse group of student, faculty staff and community members centered at the University of California Riverside and organized in accordance with democratic principles to advocate for justice, human right, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

 Alejandro Orozco



(Student Paralegal Association)

To interest students in careers in the legal field through networking opportunities, information about new legal court procedures and changes in the law, and collaboration with local, state, and national paralegal organizations

Elisabeth Shapiro 

Spanglish Club Enlightenment and enrichment of multiple cultures. Interact with various agencies to promote community awareness and involvement.

Evelia Talamantes 

Student for Social Justice The Student for Social Justice Club (SSJ) is dedicated to addressing issues of social justice and social inequality (i.e. racial, ethnic, economic, gender, sexual, age, ability, etc.). SSJ work to provide an inclusionary environment whereby students may come together to discuss local and national issues of social justice. SSJ shall provide opportunities for its members to attend local community events that address issues of inequality.

April Brenner 


(Student Veterans Organization)

To support veterans in their transition from military to academia life through camaraderie.

Erik Moberly 

Sustainable Research Alliance Provide a social atmosphere where a diverse group of students can learn and grow; promote training skills, finding new technologies, networking, research design for sustainable living; reach out to communities, low income housing, industrial buildings, recreational parks and facilities

Gerald Selah


SWC Arcade Club To revitalize community involvement in interactive mediums and arcade culture and to bring interest in the video game side of the Southwestern students

Crystal Alberto 

SWC Chess Club The purpose of this organized is to promote the game of chess at Southwestern College. SWCCC shall to provide an environment of academic pursuit of the knowledge of the game of chess by appropriate scholastic means, including but not limited to holding regular meeting, the organization of amateur tournaments and teaching chess to students

Jessica Posey 

SWC Dance Club To introduce different aspects and styles of dances; provide networking sources; express oneself through dance and music; raise funds for new technology. 

Dana Maue 

SWC Debate Club The purpose of this club shall be to give students the ability to participate in the debate team. To give back to our regional community and help it grow. To advocate for just causes. To help students network and build contacts.

Jordan Mills

Graciela Saez Kleriga 

SWC eSports

(TRG e-Sport) 

To conduct activities for members such as Tournaments and social gatherings among individuals with the same interest. Providing a spectrum of different forms and elements of gaming and communication through the use of their history and development.

Kathleen Lopez 

SWC History Club  The purpose is to give students exposure to world history related information and projects as well as create student-led community events with other Southwestern Community College clubs, students, faculty and members of the community.

Sylvia Garcia-Navarrete 

SWC Fire Science Club/EMT 
Promote student participation in all aspects of life safety and community involvement; promote life safety methods, procedures, and skills.

Stephen Bowlin 

SWC Outrigger Canoe Club  To promote the sport of outrigger canoeing; promote the tradition and culture of outrigger canoeing including its Pacific Islands and Hawaiian roots; promote water safety and environmental awareness; serves as a platform that bridges with the outrigger canoeing, pacific Islander and water sport communities.

Nicole Holbrook 

SWC Photography Club To serve as a platform to inspire and increase the knowledge about the art of photography in all its forms.

John Pickelle 

SWC Sociology Club 
The purpose is to encourage, support, and advance all areas relating to sociology on the Southwestern College campus.

Sarah Castillo 

Tela Club  Provide students with an opportunity participate in goal oriented group activities. Providing a social atmosphere where a diverse group of students can learn and grow through the exchange of thoughts personal goals, philosophies, and development of the TELA club.

Abdimalik Buul 

The Human Sexuality Club 
Purpose of the organization is to inform, enlighten and enrich the understanding and experience of human sexuality for our campus community.

Shannon Pagano 

The Muzek Crew  To promote the individual’s self-esteem, talent, self-confidence, and creativity. Provide an environment in which creativity is valued, expanded, and encouraged.

Claire Bela 

The Other Writers Guild 
To give student writers the opportunity to share their work; stimulate interest and recruit students to the field of creative writing; provides networking opportunities at SWC and beyond.

Heather Eudy

Francisco Bustos 

The Realm Between Realities 
To promote freedom of expression, to embrace each owns sense of individuality. Create unity among different kinds of people. Spread positivity and creative ways of thinking.

Nicolas Mueller

Mark Van Stone


USGBC Students SWC

(US Green Building Council)

To foster scientific study and research in the field of environmentally sustainable building and operation of buildings; cultivate leadership skills among USGBC students.

Gerald Selah 

VN Club 2016

(Vocational Nurse)

To promote nursing as a profession, art, and science.

Angelia Monroy 


 Xpress  To be updated

Rachel Hastings


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