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OWL Tutoring Survey

Your feedback is important and will help us improve our services!

All responses are confidential. Please answer the questions below, and then click "Submit" to send your answers. You should immediately receive a confirmation of your response at your email address. If you have any problems, or questions, please call the Writing Center at (619) 421-6700 Extension 5830, or email us at

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1. * What is your first name?

2. * What is your last name?

3. * What is your full email address?

4. * Re-enter your full email address?

5. * What is your Southwestern College student ID number?

6. What course was this assignment for? (For example, English 71 or Business 200)

7. Who was your tutor?

8. How long did it take for the tutor to respond to your request?

9. This response time was
10. The OWL site was easy to use.
11. My tutor acted professionally.
12. My tutor was knowledgeable about the subject matter.
13. The goals for this tutoring session were completed.
14. The tutor responded to my questions and showed patience.
15. The tutor provided examples to help me understand.
16. The tutor directed me to resources that I could use later.
17. I would seek out this tutor for future tutoring.
18. I would recommend OWL to other students.
19. Given a choice, do you prefer working with a writing tutor online through OWL, or would you rather see a tutor in person in the Writing Center? Why?

20. What did you find most useful in the response that you received from your tutor?

21. What suggestions do you have for improving OWL?

22. Other Comments:

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