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Survey/Form Review
HECNC Counseling Appointment Request
To schedule an appointment, please fill out the information below. Please note this request does not constitute an officially scheduled appointment until a HEC, NC Student Services Representative contacts you to confirm your request.
1. Student Contact Information:*
SWC ID Number
Last Name:
First Name:
Telephone Number
SWC Email Address:
Appointment Details (appointments are scheduled two (2) weeks out from today's date. Below are three (3) preferred dates and times please select time to check availability.
2. Preferred Date #1 / Preferred Date # 2 / Preferred Date #3
Preferred Date #1
Preferred Date #2
Preferred Date #3
3. Preferred Time #1 / Preferred Time #2 / Preferred Time #3 (Note appointment times are in 45 minute increments commencing at 8:30 a.m.)
Requested Time #1
Requested Time #2
Requested Time #3
4. Best method to notify you of your appointment?
Telephone Email
5. Best time of the day to reach you?
6. What is the reason for this appointment (i.e. SEP, Major Change, EOPS, etc.)

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