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Survey/Form Review
Tenure Review Committee Training Quiz
Thank you for viewing the Tenure Review Training PowerPoint slides. Please complete this quiz to show understanding of the Tenure Review process. This will complete your training.
1. Name:

2. Email:

3. Department/School or Center:

4. What is the title of the document that is used for faculty evaluation procedures at SWC?*
5. How often must a probationary (tenure-track) employee be evaluated?*
6. When will the committee members meet a 1st-year candidate?*
7. What is the legal use of email for tenure review purposes?*
8. According to the Timeline Calendar, how many mandatory meetings are there of a Tenure Review Committee?*
9. How many committee members are on a candidate’s Tenure Review Committee? *
10. Which is NOT a criterion for evaluation?*
11. During the evaluation process, how many areas is the candidate evaluated on?*
12. Which of the following is NOT a recommendation the Tenure Review Committee can make of a candidate?*
13. True or False: The committee chair has unique responsibilities.*
14. True or False: Committee members can talk with each other about a candidate’s performance evaluation outside of official committee meetings, as long as they’ve signed the Confidentiality Form.*
15. True or False: One committee member is allowed to call in to a mandatory meeting if necessary.*
16. True or False: If a class is hybrid, the face-to-face portion is evaluated, not the online part.*
17. True or False: Each committee member must meet with the candidate after the classroom or activity observation.*
18. True or False: The VPAA or VPSA will conduct the classroom or activity evaluation once, traditionally in the fourth year.*
19. A committee member can talk to the following individual(s) without breaking confidentiality:*