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Survey/Form Review
GI Bill Benefits Declaration

Declare your benefits in just a couple of keystrokes...

In an effort to simplify the declaration process, you no longer have to submit a list of your courses or tell us of changes to your schedule during the term. We will take care of that for you.

However, federal law still requires that you officially notify us of your desire to use benefits for any and all terms. This online form simplifies that process. Check through your understanding of special circumstances that may affect you as a user of benefits, enter your SWC ID and the last four digits of your SSN as proof of your identity, and submit!

CAUTION: Chapter 33 and 31 recipients - to avoid being dropped for non-payment, submit this online form immediately after you register. We will flag your record within two work days of receipt of this declaration. You WILL BE DROPPED for non-payment if we do not receive your declaration prior to published drop dates.

When we complete certification of your classes, you will receive an automatic email from the DVA. Veteran Services will not email you unless there is an issue in certifying one or more of your courses. Remember that we have 30 days from the start of the term to certify you and the DVA has an additional 30 days to process on their end. Declare early to allow us to certify you as quickly as possible!

Best of luck in your classes!
~SWC Veteran Services Office