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In 2019, Southwestern College staff and faculty participated in a survey administered via email by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning & Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). HERI, an acknowledged leader in the area of educational policy, administers surveys annually to students, staff and faculty at higher education institutions throughout the United States.

> The purpose of the employee survey is to provide perspectives on how faculty and staff view key areas:

  • Campus Atmosphere
  • Campus Diversity
  • Campus Climate
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace Connection
  • Institutional Priorities

> Results are tabulated in three categories:

  • Employees Overall
  • Employees by Staff and Faculty
  • Employees by Race/Ethnicity

Conclusions for Employees Overall

  1. Nearly half are Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the campus atmosphere when it comes to sexual orientation differences, gender differences and individuals with disabilities.
  2. 48% are Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the ethnic diversity ofthe faculty, with
  3. 53% Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the racial and ethnic diversity ofthe staff.
  4. 49% are Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the College’s commitmentto hiring women and minorities.
  5. High percentages reported not having experienced discrimination at the College although over 50% assisted a student with a problem about discrimination and over 50% witnessed discrimination.

Conclusions by Staff and Faculty

  1. Staff and faculty perceptions were generally similar to overall perceptions across all six campus climate areas.
  2. Both groups had less than 50% Satisfied/Very Satisfied with the atmosphere for political differences, with a lower percentage of staff Satisfied/Very Satisfied.
  3. Higher percentages of stafffelt discriminated against based on job classification, level of education, or race/ethnicity compared to faculty.

Conclusions by Race/Ethnicity 

  1. Latino/a/x and White respondents were generally similar to respondents across all six campus climate areas.
  2. A higher percentage of Asian and Black respondents were dissatisfied with employee diversity than overall respondents.
  3. Lower percentages of Black respondents reported positive perceptions and/or experiences compared to respondents overall across most of the six campus climate areas

Employee Campus Climate Summary

One-page summary of the employee campus climate survey.

Full Employee Survey

Full employee campus climate survey.

Belong: Campus Climate Survey

Full campus climate survey.

Raw Data

A Google Sheet with the raw data from the campus climate survey.