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In 2019, Southwestern College commissioned two surveys to assess the impact of our work. A summary of findings are included in this website. In our Belong report, you will find detailed information about how our students, faculty and staff view their Southwestern College experience. While we report overall student and employee responses, we have also broken responses down by racial/ethnic categories to give as complete a picture as possible.

A Message from the Superintendent/President

Dear Southwestern College Community,

Our college serves a diverse community that represents the diversity of our state. We are positioned to be a model of equity-focused practices. Our vision to be a leader in equitable education that transforms the lives of students and communities can be realized because of the strength of our diverse, resilient, culturally rich and education-focused community.

Like many colleges across the nation, we have struggled with racial tensions on our campus.  Long before the country began the painful and critically important conversation about institutional racism and systems of oppression, we had been actively working to dismantle racism and to be a place where every student knows they belong from their first step onto our campus, and where every student knows they have a community of faculty, classified professionals, administrators, executive leadership and Governing Board who are consistently thinking, planning and supporting their success.

In my 24-year career in the California Community College system, Southwestern College has been the most remarkable college I have had the privilege of serving. We have worked together to establish a path of transformation for our students and our community.

Thank you to our students, staff, faculty and the Governing Board of Southwestern Community College District for their willingness to do the difficult work of dismantling institutionalized racism. We will continue to hold ourselves to the highest level of transparency, communication and accountability so that every student, potential student and employee knows that they belong at Southwestern College.


Mark Sanchez
Southwestern College

Introduction: Campus Climate Surveys

Student Climate Survey

Results from the student climate survey.

Employee Climate Survey

Results from the employee climate survey.

Full Belong Report

A PDF of the full Southwestern College campus climate survey.

Raw Data

Google Sheets of the raw climate survey data.