Tenure Review & Faculty Evaluation

Welcome to the Tenure Review Website

On this site, you will find all the training, procedures, forms, information and paperwork necessary to ensure every faculty member, whether probationary, contract, tenured or part-time, an ethical, rigorous and fair evaluation process. I am here to help in any way.

Tenure Review Process

(Refer to details that are found in the Cheat Sheet and the TR Calendar Timelines)

  • If you are a new committee member, go to the Training page and read the PowerPoint presentation. Then take the training test and submit.
  • Deans/Directors: Send evites for the first committee meeting; provide candidate class schedule and any additional timelines, information or forms to organize the evaluation process
  • Committee members meet without the candidate in the first few weeks of the semester, according to these timelines:
  • Committee members meet with the candidate to review timelines, discuss any clarification of the candidates class schedule and the deadline for the Candidate’s submission of material, curriculum vitae and statement
  • Candidates: go to the Forms page for forms necessary to fulfill the candidates self-evaluation, statement and ‘brag book’
  • Committee Chair and Members: Download, print and use the Forms from the Forms link for classroom/task evaluations (green) and syllabus evaluations (pink).
  • Chairs will send evites for all committee meetings for the evaluation timeline process.
  • Committee Chair: Download, print and present to your committee the Summary Evaluation form (yellow) after all committee members have finished their classroom/task evaluations.
  • Deans: Accumulate and print a copy of the student evaluations to be included in the final packet
  • Chair: Present a final packet with all signatures in the proper color-coded forms and a signature page of all of your committee members for the Recommendation for the Superintendent/President form (white) to the School/Center secretary (refer to your TR Checklist)
  • School/Center Secretary: Review all packets received for your School/Center to assure that the packet is complete (refer to your TR Checklist) before contacting the tenure review coordinator for pick-up.
  • The Tenure Review Coordinator will review all packets to present to the cognizant Vice President who will review all packets, fill in their recommendation with signature and deliver to the Superintendent/President. The Superintendent/President will review all packets, and submit a recommendation to the Governing Board on a regular business meeting as an official request.

Steps for Online Course Evaluations

  • Step 1 - School authorizes online Canvas course evaluations via ServiceNow
    see page 4 of PDF instructions below
  • Step 2 - Evaluators request to be enrolled in online Canvas courses via ServiceNow
    see page 2 of PDF instructions below
  • Step 3 - Evaluators request to be removed from online Canvas courses via ServiceNow
    see page 3 of PDF instructions below

Instructions for Online Course Evaluation Requests in ServiceNow (PDF)

Video Overview of Online Course Evaluation Requests in ServiceNow