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Tenure Review Philosophy

The period during which prospective members of the Southwestern College faculty are reviewed for tenure or reappointment is best understood as a continuation of the search and selection processes. The recommendation made to the Governing Board to grant tenure is more important than the initial decision to hire.

When tenure is granted, the faculty member becomes a permanent part of our community and, as such, gains special privileges and special obligations. The review period becomes a crucial interval within which we create the future of our college, we expand its vision of the future, and we enhance the quality of the educational opportunity provided to our diverse student body.

Southwestern College’s approach to the tenure review period is based on the premise that the tenure/appointment recommendation is best formed by a partnership of faculty and administrative colleagues, and students through the student evaluation process.

It is intended that the tenure review process be comprehensive, fair and humane. It is acknowledged that it is a rigorous process. At its conclusion, a decision will be made that is designed to strengthen and support instruction and the academic integrity of the College’s programs.

Faculty Evaluation Procedures

Non-Tenure Track Committee

  • None at this time

Probationary/Tenure Track Committee

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