Booting Up For Big Bucks - Over 120 Business Ideas

Sep 21

06:30 PM - 09:30 PM


The Internet has enabled people to run a business with low startup costs and high profitability. From information brokers, to freelancers, to eBay sellers, people have used their computers to build their fortunes. This class presents more than 120 high demand businesses that can be completely run from your home computer. These computer-based businesses may utilize skills you already have, skills that are easily attained, or skills requiring formal training. This class will cover how to create different types of businesses using easy methods for bookkeeping and taxes, to make sense of the legal “mumbo-jumbo” (sales taxes, business licensure, and business structure), to make a profit-boosting website, and to find FREE resources that can give you a leg up!
Instructor: Nancy Miller

$30 materials fee paid at time of registration.

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