Southwestern College

SWC offers a number of online classes in addition to classes held on campus. Some of these classes may be totally online, some might require an initial class meeting and/or on-campus exams and some may involve a number of, but less-frequent, campus meetings.

You should be aware that experience has shown that your actual time commitment may exceed that of a regular on-grounds class. However, if you are a motivated student with good writing skills, have access to a computer with a word processor, an Internet connection and browser, have basic skills using all of the above and work well independently,then online instruction is for you!

Prior to this process, you must have already registered as a student at Southwestern College.

Please note: Students that are not in purely online classes, but your instructors are using Blackboard for some of your class learning: Classes that may use the Internet just to support regular classroom meetings are listed in the online course catalog. As a first time Internet student, you are encouraged to participate in an orientation from this online location. You need to attend your class at the predetermined start time and at the location noted in your schedule.

The Online Learning Center
Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 4:00 pm
Room L103 (First Floor of the Library Building)

After Hours Support
1-888-556-6718 (4pm-2am) After hours, Weekends and Holidays
Blackboard Administrator
The Blackboard Administrator is responsible for the operation of the online learning system and should only be contacted with level-three severity issues such as the system is unavailable, major parts of the online learning system are not working, or other than login issues.
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