Southwestern College

We offer a two-semester sequence in American Sign Language. It is assumed that no ASL has been formally studied, so these classes follow a sequence that builds language skills.

The ASL program offers an introduction to the language of signs and manual communication methods used by hearing-impaired persons in the United States:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) 101 Introduces sign language and manual communication used by hearing-impaired persons in the United States. Provides a basis for communication between hearing and hearing-impaired individuals at a novice-high level of proficiency. Emphasizes increased awareness of deafness and resources related to the Deaf in the United States.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) 102 Provides increased proficiency in sign language and finger spelling, including communication of complex messages, idiomatic expressions, subtleties, and nuances of language.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) 201 Continues with American Sign Language and manual communication used by hearing- impaired persons in the United States at an intermediate-high level of proficiency. Provides broader acquisition through ongoing communication, interaction, and story-telling in ASL. Emphasizes deeper knowledge of Deaf Culture and community resources.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) 225 Introduces the community, history, and language of deaf people in the United States. Provides in-depth discussions on the beliefs and customs of this unique and often overlooked cultural group.
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