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Bienvenidos al programa de Español!

Our classes are designed for students to learn to use Spanish for communication purposes in the class and out in the community. Students are exposed to Spanish cultures and values through communicative activities, music, films, Internet searches, presentations, cultural activities and group or pair work in the classroom. 

Beginning Spanish - Not open to students who speak Spanish at an intermediate or an advanced level, even if they can not read or write it well.
SPAN 101 (formerly 120)
SPAN 102 (formerly 130)

Intermediate Spanish - Extensive review of first year Spanish and introduction to more difficult structures and topic of conversation.
SPAN 201 (formerly Span 220)
SPAN 202 (formerly Span 230)

Spanish for Bilinguals - Open to students who speak or used to speak Spanish at home and  are fluent speakers of Spanish who would like to learn to write correctly, express themselves more formally, read and learn more vocabulary, and develop a formal variety of Spanish so they can use it in the work world.
SPAN 215
SPAN 216
SPAN 221

Spanish Proficiency Certificate 

Select TWO courses:

SPAN 215 Spanish for Bilinguals I

SPAN 216 Spanish for Bilinguals II


SPAN 216 Spanish for Bilinguals II

SPAN 221 Introduction to Literature for Bilinguals


Select ONE of the following courses:

BUS 225 Interpretation/Translation: General Business 3


BUS 226 Interpretation and Translation: Legal 3


BUS 227 Interpretation and Translation: Medical 3


BUS 233 Interpretation and Translation---Immigration 3


BUS 234 Advanced Interpretation and Translation: Legal 3


LEGL 257 International Business and Legal Communication: Spanish

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