*Per agreement by the Institutional Program Review Committee, all programs and units will complete the Annual Program Review Snapshot for 2015-2016. Comprehensive program reviews will not be required unless specifically directed by the IPRC or a subcommittee of the IPRC or the Academic Senate. Click here for the Annual Program Review Cycle.

The review of administrative programs is intended to improve the overall quality of existing instructional programs and services offered to Southwestern College students through the Academic Affairs division. Its purpose is to assist administrative offices in conducting a self-evaluation to assure that the educational programs are responsive to the needs of our students and the district's diverse community as stated in the college's mission statement.

Program Review Documents and Important Links

2015-2016 Academic Program Review Designator List

Click here for the Academic Affairs Administrative Program Review Designator List. this document provides the division, dean, designator (acronym) for your program, and all degrees and certificates that should be addressed in your program review. 

All Academic Affairs Administrative Program Reviews are due no later than midnight on the due date indicated on the chart below.

Program  Designator Due Date 
Articulation ARTIC 11/2/15 
Center for International Trade Development CITD 12/14/15
Continuing Education CONED 12/14/15
Contract Opportunities Center SDCOC 12/14/15
Crown Cove Aquatic Center CCAC 12/14/15
HEC National City HECNC 12/14/15
HEC Otay Mesa HECOM 12/14/15
HEC San Ysidro HECSY 12/14/15
Instructional Support Services ISS 12/14/15
Instructional Support Services Operations ISSSUP 11/2/15
Learning Assistance Services (Academic Success Center) LAS 11/2/15
Library Support Services LIBSS 11/2/15
Online Learning Center OLC 11/2/15
School of Arts and Communication AC 12/14/15
School of Continuing Education, Economic and Workforce Development CEEWD 12/14/15
School of Health, Exercise Science, Athletics and Applied Tech. HESAAT 12/14/15
School of Language and Literature LL 12/14/15
School of Math, Science and Engineering MSE 12/14/15
School of Social Sciences, Business, and Humanities SSBH 12/14/15
Small Business Development Center SBDC 12/14/15
Vice President for Academic Affairs VPAA 2/1/16

SLO Assessment Timelines and Plans of Improvement

Every program review must be accompanied with an Outcomes Assessment Timeline every year that indicates your plan for assessing your SLOs. These timelines are available on the Student Learning Outcome Department in SharePoint. 

Click here for a blank Outcomes Assessment Timeline 

discipline's most recently submitted timeline can be accessed via SharePoint under "Departments" then "Student Learning Outcomes. Click here for instructions for downloading your Outcomes Assessment Timeline from SharePoint

2014-2015 Academic Affairs Administrative Program Review Forms

The forms below are provided for historical purposes only and are not used for the 2015-2016 program review cycle.

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