Southwestern College

According to Southwestern Community College District Policy 4110, “The Southwestern College Governing Board authorizes, and the Academic Senate has endorsed, the granting, on a yearly basis, of a limited number of Associate Degrees to outstanding individuals who meritoriously contributed to the improvement of civic and social services, human relations, economic development, education, fine arts, medicine, science or technology.

The Academic Senate Office (104 A) will accept nominations until 4:00 pm on Wed., April 22, 2015.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to honor outstanding individuals of our community or an individual who has made significant contributions to our community.

Criteria for Nomination: “Meritorious contributions to the community in one of the following areas: civic or social service, human relations, economic development, education, fine arts, medicine, science or technology.”

Nominating Procedures

  1. Any Southwestern College employee or student may nominate an individual for an honorary degree. Provide any documentation that will support your proposal (no form is required). In order to nominate an individual, please submit a letter of up to three pages to the Honorary Degree Selection Committee highlighting those criteria that support the nomination.
  2. Nominations must be submitted to the Academic Senate office (104 A) by 4:00 pm April 22, 2015. All approvals will be forwarded to the Honorary Degree Selection Committee.
  3. The Honorary Degree Selection Committee will meet in May and is composed of:
    • A member of the Southwestern College Governing Board
    • The Superintendent/President
    • An administrator appointed by the Superintendent/President
    • The Southwestern College Academic Senate President
    • Two faculty members appointed by the Academic Senate President
  4. The Selection Committee will review nominations submitted and may recommend up to three Honorary Degrees to the Governing Board for approval.
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