Southwestern College

ASO Election Results 2017


Total Votes Cast: 1377

Student Trustee

Rudolph Villegas

670 (51.9%)

Ricardo F. Montano

507 (39.3%)

Steve Whiting

63 (4.9%)

Jaime Cabrearos

47 (3.6%)


3 (0.2%)

ASO President

Kirstyn Smith

689 (51.5%)

Roy Castillo

645 (48.2%)


5 (0.4%)

ASO Executive Vice President

Jose Gutierrez “JG”

653 (50.9%)

Alvin Cook

627 (48.9%)


3 (0.2%)

ASO Social Vice President

Marissa Eguiza

818 (95.6%)


38 (4.4%)

ASO Vice President of Club Affairs

Omar Aceves

859 (99.0%)


9 (1.0%)

ASO Vice President of Public Relations

Mayrene Cervantes (Disqualified)

761 (97.6%)


19 (2.4%)

ASO Executive Secretary

Andreana Noemi Vazquez

735 (96.3%)


28 (3.7%)

ASO Vice President of Outreach

Hanan Barre Hashi Ali

527 (45.2%)

Emily Faith Romero (Disqualified)

633 (54.2%)


7 (0.6%)

ASO Vice President of Finance

Cynthia San Pedro

763 (97.6%)


19 (2.4%)

ASO Senators at Large

Monique Fernandez

639 (12.8%)

Ana Mariela Salinas  

635 (12.7%)

Mariana Silva-Gomez  

629 (12.6%)

Jorge Ivan Ortiz

628 (12.6%)

Pedro Alejandro Miranda  

578 (11.6%)

Jesus Rojas Vemzar  

575 (11.5%)

John Mojica

439 (8.8%)

Kamilah Haynes

401 (8.0%)

Torrie Christopher

373 (7.5%)


88 (1.8%)


66 (4.3%)

ASO Constitutional Amendments

Measure A: Membership

Yes 813 (86.7%)


No 125 (13.3%)

Measure B: Nominations & Qualifications and Judicial Branch

Yes 847 (91.3%)


No 81 (8.7%)

Measure C: Election Board

Yes 822 (89.7%)


No 94 (10.3%)

Measure D: Executive Branch – President’s Cabinet

Yes 786 (85.7%)


No 131 (14.3%)

Measure E: Legislative Branch

Yes 806 (87.5%)


No 115 (12.5%)

Measure F: Executive Branch – Outreach Committee

Yes 848 (92.1%)


No 73 (7.9%)




2017 ASO Election



Jaime Cebreros: No statement submitted.
Ricardo F. Montano: I'm a political activist and currently serve as an ASO Senator-At-Large. As Student Trustee, I will proactively promote social and economic justice on campus. If elected, I will advocate for policies that will ensure equity and encourage students to come here, stay here, and succeed here.
Rudolph “Rudy” Villegas: Greetings Jaguars! My name is Rudolph Villegas. I serve as the ASO Senator for Math, Science, & Engineering, the ASO Senate Parliamentarian, & the Southwestern College Delegate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. As your Student Trustee I will defend and advocate on behalf of the student constituency by voicing the interests & concerns of the students in the governance of Southwestern College.
Steve Whiting: Hello all! I am just a regular student who wants to change how Southwestern is run for your benefit. I am anti-Trump. I am for gender neutral restrooms, against deportation and want to add more classes for assured enrollment. I also want to legalize marijuana nationwide.


Roy Castillo: Greetings Jaguars! My name is Roy Castillo, I'm currently serving as your ASO Senator at Large. As ASO President my focus will be on our heavily underrepresented students, expanding the service of the HEC Centers, and implementing a district wide EBT program.
Please Vote for Roy Castillo for ASO President for the Southwestern Community College District.
Kirstyn Smith: As a current school senator, I have gained the necessary knowledge and experience needed to be President. I want to work with the minority students to do everything in my power to give them what they want and need. In addition, make textbooks more affordable. I plan to bring these ideas to the HEC centers as well. - Go Team Gold!


Alvin Cook: Best Leaders = Best Servants!" Are you spending valuable time in school to have an AVERAGE LIFE or GREAT LIFE? I'm COMMITTED TO giving YOU the services you need to succeed here on campus and outside on the campus we call life! A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR YOU!!!
Jose Gutierrez (“JG”): HOLA! (Hello). I'm just about doing the right thing, whether it be for students/staff/faculty or even the Earth. Down to have a conversation anytime to talk about life, classes, or the issues here on campus. “If you want to change the world, there's nothing to it.”- Gene Wilder


Marissa Eguiza: As Social Vice President, my main focus will be to ensure that campus and student life here at Southwestern College is memorable. I am going to do everything in my power to bring more school pride and student involvement on campus. I plan to organize events and activities that are in the student's interest. #TeamGold


Omar Aceves: I'm the best candidate for this Vice President of Club Affairs, because I currently have experience being VPC. Also, I am a strong advocate for more club events and allocations. With me, the ICC will continue being an important resource at Southwestern College.


Mayrene Cervantes: No statement submitted.


Cynthia San Pedro: Fiscal responsibilities at any capacity are no joke. Being responsible for a budget of close to $500,000 requires expertise, transparency, and accountability, which not many people have. As former Senator, I've witnessed the work that ASO VPF does and the benefits it brings to clubs that help students have a more enjoyable campus life.


Hanan Ali: As a current Senator, I’m confident that I have what it takes to serve you. My main focus will be to promote more inclusion for underrepresented communities and to steer the ASO towards more environmental friendly practices. I will make sure that each one of you has an equal opportunity to prosper regardless of your prior circumstances.
Emily Faith Romero: Hello Honorable Students for SWC, My name is Emily Faith Romero. I'm running for your next VICE PRESIDENT OF OUTREACH. You maybe asking yourself, "why should I choose ROMERO for VPO?" I have a vast love and respect for Southwestern College, in addition of excellent leadership, communication, public speaking skills. I want to combine my passion for helping people for the college I love


Andreana Noemi Vazquez: No statement submitted.


Torrie Christopher: No statement submitted.
Monique Fernandez: Hello, my name is Monique Fernandez and I’m running for Senator-at-Large. I’m currently a Senator, but I don’t have that much experience yet. This is only the beginning and I will strive to do my best to make sure that student voices are heard from Southwestern College.
Kamilah Haynes: No statement submitted
Pedro Alejandro Miranda: No statement submitted.
John Mojica: I want to become a senator at large to be more involved in the community As a senator, I will make it a goal to have everyone's voice heard and to spread awareness of current issues.
Jorge Ivan Ortiz: I'm running for the same position (ASO Senator at Large) because I love what I do, representing the needs and interest of you! I genuinely care about the students here at SWC and I want to do my best to make this campus a better learning environment for everyone.
Jesus Rojas Venzor: My main goal is to represent the needs of our community whilst addressing ongoing issues on campus such as ESL resources, the transparency of our student government, and the creation of an environmentally responsible campus. If elected, it would be an honor to represent the students of Southwestern College.
Ana Mariela Salinas: I am running for senator at large. One of my main goal as senator is to improve the promotion of the different programs that we have, such as, the clubs, jag kitchen, EOPS, Mesa Program, and the learning communities and create diverse activities that will involve more students.
Mariana Silva-Gomez: As a senator I would like to help students at southwestern college by making their experience at school more pleasant. I would like to promote college activities and programs. As an international student, I want to help international students to feel more at home and help them in any problem they may face.

Link to Candidate Statements: 2017 ASO Election Candidate Statements

Constitutional Amendment Proposals:

Measure A: ASO Constitution Article II Membership

Measure B: ASO Constitution Article III Nominations and Qualifications, and Article VI Judicial Branch

Measure C: ASO Constitution Article VII The Election Board

Measure D: ASO Constitution Article IV Executive Branch

Measure E: ASO Constitution Article V Legislative Branch

Measure F: ASO Constitution Article IV Executive Branch


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