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We are here to help you! Regardless of your academic status our counselors can assist in helping you navigate through your time here at Southwestern College. To set up a counseling appointment visit the Chula Vista campus Counseling Center located on the second floor of the Cesar E Chavez Student Services Center, or call (619) 421-6700 ext 5240/5241.

Financial Aid Recipients: Please note new changes in BOG Fee Waiver webpage.

Find your status on the below to determine your next steps:




Important Dates & Deadlines**



Dates or Deadlines


Previously Dismissed: Find out Return Status at the Counseling Office


Go to Counseling Office for more information




Previously Dismissed: Reapply to SWC


Visit the Application page




Spring 2017 Final Grade Deadline


Posted on your WebAdvisor account


May 30, 2018


Notification of Probation/Dismissal Status


Student’s SWC Email


Week of June 11, 2018


Schedule a Counseling Appointment to discuss options


Go to Counseling Office for more information




Ensure your SWC email is activated


Go to the MySWC page


Starting September 2016


Newly Dismissed: Get “Petition to Appeal Dismissal” (P.A.D.) via the SWC Website, sign up and attend the P.A.D. Workshop


Student's SWC Email OR Dismissal Page


July 2 through July 31, 2018

**dates are subject to change.

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