Southwestern College

Beginning March 2016, the HECNC will be undergoing construction including an expansion to our current building, a brand new outdoor courtyard, and a new building housing several new state-of-the-art classrooms and a teaching clinic for our MEDOP program. We’re very excited to welcome in this new chapter to the history of the HECNC and welcome the community to stay updated on the changes going on on campus! 

Note: all dates are subject to change. Additionally, construction will not be interfering with any services we offer to our students and community. 

Construction Milestone Timeline
March 11, 2016- Construction will begin.
April 12, 2016- Completion of demolition of existing parking lot.
April 13, 2016- Begin updating main HECNC building to meet ADA standards.
June 20, 2016- Completion of grading for Building Pad.
June 22, 2016- Start laying out foundations.
September 27, 2016- Complete improvements to existing HECNC building.
September 30, 2016- Begin steel frame erection.
November 8, 2016- Complete steel frame erection and welding.
January 31, 2017- Complete structural concrete top of new building.
February 15, 2017- Complete exterior framing.
March 27, 2017- Complete roofing.
May 31, 2017- Complete interior drywalling.
June 13, 2017- Complete installing permanent power.
July 5, 2017- Begin courtyard site work.
July 6, 2017- Complete elevators.
July 7, 2017- Complete above ceiling work.
August 16, 2017- Complete fire alarm installation.
August 28, 2017- Complete interiors of new building.
August 31, 2017- Complete HVAC Test and Balance.
October 21, 2017- Complete building.
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