Southwestern College

The South Bay Botanic Garden greatly appreciates the people, docents, clubs, organizations, and businesses that contribute their time, expertise, and material or monetary contributions to the betterment of our garden. 

Businesses and Government:

  • Moosa Creek Nursery
  • Walter Anderson Nursery
  • Living Coast Discovery Center
  • Hunter Industries
  • Tree of Life Nursery
  • City Farmers Nursery
  • City of Chula Vista
  • Garden Native

Garden Clubs:

  • Bonita Valley Garden Club
  • Chula Vista Garden Club

Garden Organizations

  • San Diego Chapter - California Rare Fruit Society
  • San Diego Epiphyllum Club
  • San Diego Cacti and Succulent Society
  • San Diego Floral Association


  • Eddie Munguia

People who are active in the garden and our meetings:

  • Edee Johnson
  • Eddie Munguia
  • Joan Stroh
  • Jeff Sharp
  • Donna Mallen
  • Bill Homyak
  • David DiDonato
  • Britta Kuhlow
  • Margaret Love
  • Lou Diaz
  • Darlene Montgomery
  • Betsy Cory
  • Michelle Kriz
  • Meredith Sinclair
  • Mark Valen
  • Brenda Jackson


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