Southwestern College

Preventing crime is the best measure of protection. Southwestern College supports a proactive crime prevention policy, keeping the campus a safe place to work and learn.

The Campus Police along with the Chula Vista Police Department provides presentations on personal safety, vehicle and residential safety, office and equipment security and rape prevention. If you park on campus LOCK your vehicle, as the college is not responsible for any thefts or damage in the parking lots. Consider investing in additional security products.

Take advantage of all safety services. Escorts services are available. Main Campus, HEC, SY, and HEC, NC, students may arrange for an escort at the respective center office. Learn location of public telephones on the main campus *81 for emergency assistance.

Read your campus newspaper. Students and staff are alerted to incidents of criminal activity through the Southwestern Sun.

Persons are encouraged to report any unlawful acts committed on campus by calling Police Dispatch at:

  • (619) 482- 6380,
  • By dialing *81 from any campus payphone
  • By using the yellow emergency phones available in most parking lots or
  • Report anonymously by calling at (619) 216-6691.
Last updated: 6/29/2011 4:22:07 PM