Program Overview

Journalism is the study of mass communication media such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and Internet. Journalism is a cornerstone of American society and a guardian of this nation's freedoms. Journalism develops clear thinking, strong writing, and solid communication skills. The Southwestern College journalism program encourages multidisciplinary study in a variety of areas. The program includes coursework and the award-winning student newspaper, The Southwestern Sun. 

This program prepares students for four-year programs leading to bachelor's degrees and eventual careers in such fields as newspaper or magazine reporting and editing, book editing, industrial journalism, public relations, advertising, radio and television writing, teaching, and communication research. The courses give students an awareness of the impact of mass media on their lives and an understanding of the skills, concepts, and values used by professional communicators.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Arts Degree: Transfer Preparation

  • Journalism
  • Associate in Arts in Journalism for Transfer Degree

Career Options

Possible career options include reporter, copy editor, photojournalist, columnist, public affairs manager, press relations officer, speech writer, critic, public information specialist, broadcaster, magazine writer, high school or college instructor, graphic designer, correspondent, production technician, and technical writer or editor. A few of these require an associate degree, most require a bachelor's degree, and some require a graduate-level degree.

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Rebecca Wolniewicz, PhD  


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