Legal Office Management

Program Overview

The law office manager plans, directs, and coordinates operations in a legal office, including managing daily operations, overseeing personnel, and organizing procedures within the office to facilitate the efficient flow of work. The law office managers should possess a strong understanding of the legal system and its procedures especially as they relate to legal specialty areas in which the legal office or agency is involved.

This program provides training for individuals who desire to work in supervisory and management positions in the legal office environment. It emphasizes leadership, supervision, management, and technical skills required in a legal office setting as well as an option to focus on legal English/ Spanish language skills for bilingual managers.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Science Degree: Career/Technical

  • Leadership and Supervision

Certificate of Achievement

  • Leadership and Supervision-Intermediate

Certificate of Proficiency

  • Leadership and Supervision-Basic

Career Options

Most of the following career options require at least an associate degree and some require a bachelor's or graduate level degree. A sample of the career options available in the area of leadership emphasizing sustainable micro enterprise innovation, strategic planning, and finance include micro enterprise developer/manager, entrepreneur, accountant , non-profit manager, financial officer, banker, real estate broker, and community and economic developer. 

In the area of leadership emphasizing supervision, career options include human resources professional, business manager, entrepreneur, supervisor, office manager, insurance and benefits professional, union organizer, and labor relations manager.

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