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Program Overview


 The English majors focus on the study of the language and literature of English. Majors explore the grammar and prose of the English language including expository, argumentative, and creative writing, critical and analytical reading, and literary genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama) and modes (comedy, tragedy, satire, and romance).

The English program at SWC is designed to develop language skills for reading and writing. The study and analysis of literature provide contact with exemplary works of various cultures, genres, and historical periods. Composition courses develop the skills for effective communication, mental discipline, organization, coherence, and proper form. 

These courses parallel the CSU lower-division requirements for the bachelor's degree in English. It is strongly recommended that students who are planning to transfer into the CSU system as English majors follow this plan.

Degrees & Certificates



Associate in Arts Degree: Transfer Preparation

  • English
  • Literature

Career Options


 Career options available for the English major include: writer, poet, journalist, literary or film critic, high school or college instructor, film or television scriptwriter, lawyer, public relations person, technical writer, tutor, interpreter, writing consultant, methods analyst, program developer, grant writer, legislative assistant, civil servant, columnist, business administrator, and advertising agent. A few of these require an associate in arts degree, most require a bachelor's degree, and some require a graduate-level degree.

This major area qualifies for admission into the California State University system through the Associate Degree for transfer program.


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