The study of humanities offers an integrated approach to the thought and culture of Western and non-Western civilizations and the impact these cultures have had upon each other. Therefore, the study of humanities presupposes the acquisition, correlation, and analysis of knowledge from many different disciplines including history, literature, philosophy, religion, art, music, and drama. This department focuses on the principle epochs from the ancient past to the present and how these periods influenced the development of major civilizations.

Some career options for a humanities major are literary research assistant, high school or college instructor, lawyer, theologian, dramatist, public relations agent, publisher, publishing technician, journalist, artist, poet, historian, business person, literary agent, editor, publicity director, museum director, librarian, archivist, and broadcast writer.

For the gender studies program, see the link to the left. For more info on faculty interests and specializations, see the faculty profiles link to the left. The full-time humanities faculty are listed below.

Full-Time Faculty

  • Diane Palmer (
  • Peter Bolland (