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General Description:

Hospitality and tourism is a dynamic and growing industry in San Diego County with many opportunities and career paths for individuals who desire to advance and gain excellent positions in the field. While the field has many facets including recreation and entertainment, it is often divided into four key areas: event, and convention planning; travel and tourism; hotel operations; and culinary arts. The School of Business, Professional & Technical Education provides programs for employment training in all four areas at both the entry and management levels. Employment stability and wages vary within each area; however, the most lucrative positions can be found at the supervisory and managerial levels. These positions are often part of a career ladder which allows an entry-level employee to pursue additional education and training to gain positions of greater responsibility and higher wages. With this career ladder in mind, the School of Business, Professional & Technical Education has designed both a basic and an advanced certificate to allow students to enter or to advance in the industry. Our School has also designed an associate in science degree that will allow students to continue their studies with the goal of advancing even further within the industry.
In addition to these career training programs, a transfer program, Hospitality and Tourism Management, has been developed for students who desire to transfer to four-year institutions including San Diego State University at the local level, as well as other institutions at the state and national levels. Transfer students can work toward a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism, which is often required for top-level or high executive positions.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for the hospitality and tourism management areas. Most of these require a certificate or an associate in science degree. A few of the job titles that make up the hospitality industry include:

  • Travel and Tourism— travel manager, transportation director, travel agent/consultant, tour guide, and travel entrepreneur
  • Event and Convention Planning—event meeting and convention planner, and events manager/coordinator
  • Hotel Operations—hotel operations assistant/manager, rooms division manager/lodge manager/coordinator
  • Culinary Arts—chef’s assistant, head chef, restaurant manager, catering manager, and food service manager

Employment can also be found in marketing agencies and organizations, cruise ships, bakeries, restaurants, catering establishments, hotels, convention and meeting centers, recreation and sports centers, and casinos. Opportunities are great for entrepreneurs who develop businesses in the specialty areas of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Degree/Certificate Options

Associate in Science Degree: Career/Technical

Certificates of Achievement

Consult with a counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), which lists the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.