Welcome to the Southwestern College Paramedic Program. We developed this site to help answer some frequently asked questions and provide resources for students, staff and the EMS community. Use the navigation links below,or the plus (+) sign above, to find the information you need.

The goal of the Southwestern College Paramedic Program is “To prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains with or without exit points at the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and/or Emergency Medical Technician, and/or Emergency Medical Responder levels.”

Upon satisfactory completion of the courses, the student is eligible for a Southwestern College Certificate of Completion and examination for California Certification.

Becoming an EMT

Are you thinking about a career as a paramedic? The job opportunities in this field have never been better than they are today. The future is looking even better! Whether you aspire to be a professional paramedic, nurse, firefighter, physician assistant or physician in the emergency field, the advanced training and experience you gain in paramedic school will open all kinds of doors for you. Your ability to stay calm in a crisis and use critical thinking to solve problems will be called upon from the day you begin paramedic education. You will be exposed to people in all phases of life, from birth to death. If you feel a genuine calling to help others, there is not a more satisfying career than Emergency Medicine.

There are three basic steps to becoming an Emergency Medical Technician:

  1. First Semester:
    • EMT 101 and 109 - First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder (3 units)
  2. Second Semester:
    • EMT 113 and 113L - EMT Basic (8 units)
  3. National Registry of EMTs practical skills and written exams 

Application & Program Information

Military members with medical training should look at the California EMS Authority website for eligibility requirements to challenge the EMT course Veteran Pathways to EMS Certification and Licensure.