General Description 

Sociology is the study of groups people build, the structure of human groups, and changes in their organization over time. As a social science, the department is the scientific study of human interaction both at the micro and macro level of society. Any topic related to how or why people treat each other in the ways they do is a legitimate study in sociology. Social work is related to sociology as it is concerned with improving the quality of life for individuals or groups. Both departments analyze human behavior in regard to serious social issues and circumstances such as racism, poverty, crime, psychology, health, politics, law, economics, and class inequality. Social work attempts to remedy the most basic needs.

Career Options

Below is a sample of the career options available for the sociology or social work major. A few of these require an associate degree, most require a bachelor’s degree, and some require a graduate-level degree: sociology-industrial sociologist, urban planner, high school or college instructor, criminologist, public opinion analyst, employment counselor, social worker, adoptions worker, social planner, child and family counselor, corrections counselor, and child protective counselor.


Associate in Arts: Transfer Preparation
Sociology - 01900
Sociology (SB 1440) - 01901
Social Work - 01890

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Full-time Faculty

Lisa Ballesteros, M.A.

Norris Nagao, Ed.M.

Christopher Vito, PhD.

 Department Chair:

Chris Hayashi
Room 450E
619-421-6700 ext 5683