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ASO Elections

The ASO ELECTIONS for the 2020-2021 academic year will be from May 11-14, 2020. Vote online through WebAdvisor on the MySWC Portal!

Please visit ASO social media accounts for updates - @SWCASO on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Know Your Candidates

ASO President
Saleh Mohamed As a refugee to America I know the adversities immigrants face and have been an advocate for our justice. Since enrolling at Southwestern College I have been diligently involved in our campus community. I represent our learning communities as the president of Umoja. I represent our African Diaspora as the Treasurer of the BSU. With the leadership you entrust in me I will represent our school in a way that serves all students at our College. A lack of resources and transportation for our border students and safe spaces for our homeless students are a few of the tribulations I will address.
Kiara Mora Hey y'all! My name is Kiara Mora, a proud, first-generation, queer, Chicana who as your ASO President will work towards building a community of inclusivity where all voices are heard and differences are celebrated! I am a student, student worker, and student leader who has been an active voice for women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, and more on campus. Let’s work together to establish a more equitable and unified environment at SWC! Take care!
Keddy Salas My name is Keddy Salas, I am a Social Work major. I'm currently involved in PSP (power study program), and I tutor Math and ESL. As an ESL, (English as Second Language) student, I'm happy to participate in the 2020-21 ASO Elections. I'm running for this position because I think our community needs some fresh energy from hardworking people. Those who face all types of challenges and still here fighting to fulfill their dreams. My goals as school board member is to have open communication with Southwestern College so we can effectively collaborate.
Executive Vice President
Rachal Hamilton As the Executive Vice President, I will focus on three things: the implementation of green practices campus-wide, creating a payment alternative system for campus events, and uplifting the unheard voices at Southwestern. My three years of experience as a community organizer/activist have allowed me to be the leader that I am today and I plan on bringing the student body closer together by giving students a platform through myself. If nothing else, I want to make every student's path at Southwestern, one of opportunity and success.
Silvia Molina Hello everyone! My name is Silvia Molina. I’m running for ASO Executive president. I would like to help you with your questions and need during your experience at SWC. Please give me your vote and we can do amazing things together!
Vice President of Social Affairs
Lashaunte Brown My name is Lashaunte Brown, my major is nursing and I am the Ambassador of the learning community UMOJA, I am also in AMSA, soul sisters, and BSU. I am running for VP of social affairs to let all platforms of social media and our communities be aware and informed of all activities, events, and important meetings. My duty will make sure the students are on all current events not only at our college but in our community as well. With me becoming VP of social affairs I will make sure we are updated with times, supportive advice and better activities for our campus.
Vice President of Club Affairs
Abril Lopez I am Abril Lopez, I am goofy and serious and all the things in between. I love making people happy, and I believe that everyone’s voice should be heard. I am willing to hear everyone’s ideas and I do not discriminate against anyone, when you are around me I hope that you can speak to me freely. I am here for everything and anything.
Vice President of Public Relations
Joaquin Arreola My name is Joaquin Arreola and I’m currently a freshman at Southwestern College. I’m seeking to run for Vice President of Public Relations because of my philosophy major and extroverted qualities. I plan on meeting the position’s duties with communication skills I’ve acquired as the active Senator of Communications in our ASO and with debate experience I’ve garnered as a member of Southwestern’s policy team.
Rute Gidey My name is Rute Gidey and I am a nursing major. I am very active on campus , during my time at Southwestern I have been involved in a few clubs. One of my most accomplished clubs would have to be Umoja. During my time in Umoja I became an independent student , I achieved a high gpa and now I strive to be an active student on campus. Being in ASO will allow me to build my connections take on more responsibilities and grow as an individual. For there to be a great team you must have to be able to communicate well with others. Having me on the board will create a great team, it’s me.
Vice President of Finance
Allen Palmatier My name is Allen and I'm a chemistry major. I'm a hard worker and good with numbers. I am goal oriented, and like too keep things on a schedule.
Vice President of Outreach
Karen Sanchez Throughout my life I have experienced difficulties and bad situations that have changed my life but with the support and help of the people I love I have been able to overcome them and learned to speak out and fight for what is right. Just like mine I want the students voice to be heard.
Executive Secretary
Andrew Shoemaker My name is Andrew Shoemaker and I am a Psychology major. I am actively a part of a few clubs on campus, and one of those clubs is the Umoja club. As the current secretary for the club/program for the 2019-2020 academic year, I already know what it takes to fulfill the duties of a secretary. In order to have a successful cabinet, you must have an extraordinary secretary to be able to handle the various jobs the President gives you to make his/her job easier, as well as record all progress and info, and make that available to the general public. The right person for this job is me!
Senator-at-Large (12 Seats)
David Aw It will be my obligation to represent the opinions and desires of the Southwestern student body, first and foremost. Any need, no matter how ostensibly trivial, will be relentlessly pursued in Senate meetings to ensure the smoothest path possible to your educational, professional, and social ambitions. I want to remain open with this community, and want to give as many avenues for contact as possible so no one thinks they’ll never be heard.
Sonia Camargo My name is Sonia Camargo. I am a Business major on my fourth semester here. I am also a student worker at the HEC National City site. I am running for one simple reason to show other like me it is possible to change your life and make a difference. To give the students a voice, to show them someone does care.
Stephanie Hernandez My name is Stephanie Hernandez and I am a Film major and Sociology minor. As a spring 2020 senator at large, I have been apart of the ways and means committee to help ensure financial assistance to students in need and I hope to continue this work through the same position in the fall.
Benji Melendez During my time here at Southwestern, I have always been the type of student to be involved in extra curricular activities. I believe with time invested and putting in the right work you can manage to be a leader for your community. That is what I would like to portray to my school if becoming elected, I plan to dedicate all my time to make sure our college remains running smoothly.
Francisca Ramirez I'm part of Nu Alpha Omega club and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. It is my mission and passion to empower other students to seek higher goals and take the opportunities life presents. As a voice for students I will like to represent their needs and concerns. Have open communication and listen on how we can improve our campus in all levels. It is my commitment to do my best as a future leader. As a future leader member of ASO, integrity, ethics, compassion, and empowerment are some important standards we need to represent and show at any time.
Alix Sharp My name is Alix Sharp and I am running as senator for the school of Math, Science and Engineering. During my year as the anthropology club president, I worked together with the department and all club within to create cohesion and stability for all of our students by opening anth club game nights, and creating events for the school to participate in.
Nathan Torres My name is Nathan Torres and this is my first year of attending college. I would like to be a part of ASO because I would like to help serve the communities at Southwestern college by making decisions that provide equity to all students. Although I am new to the campus, I would like to use this opportunity to make sure all voices from students are heard and are accounted for on campus.
Kenneth A G Vallesteros I am Kenneth. I have some ideas that I believe the associate student organization is looking for to help the college and students better their life at Southwestern College. I am also a DSS and veteran student. I am running for Senator at large. If I am given a chance for this position I will be able to see how to better the college and students life at Southwestern College.
Carmen Barajas My name is Carmen Barajas and I am running to be your VP of Outreach. I've had the honor of serving as your ASO Business School Senator, and work alongside committees like Outreach, and the Shared Consultation Council. Through these positions, and my involvement in Puente I've been able to become exposed and immersed in student values, but also witness the trials faced to maintain that engagement in school life. As VP of Outreach, I will work alongside you to create and promote events for all students and individuals involved, and develop a solution to student engagement and necessities!
Student Trustee
Melkitsedeq Hernandez As the current student trustee I have the experience , knowledge , and passion to represent our SWC community . Give me the privilege of continuing to be your voice at the governing board . I will collaborate with the ASO Presidents Cabinet , our Senate , and our academic staff to innovate our campus and bring services to students who are most In need ! It is not about me it’s about us !

ASO Constitution Amendment

Shall ASO Constitution Article IV Executive Branch be amended to provide for the presented changes?

  • Establish the permanent position of Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the ASO Constitution
  • Dissolve the Interim position of Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Establish the duties of the Vice president of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Section 11: Vice President of Equity Diversity & Inclusion (VP of EDI)

Clause 1: Qualifications

  1. See Article III, Section 2.
  2. No Student may hold the office of Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for more than two full terms

Clause 2: Election of the Vice President of Equity Diversity and Inclusion 

  1. The term of office for the Vice President of Equity Diversity & Inclusion will be one year.
  2. The Vice President of Equity Diversity & Inclusion must be elected by the student body at large in an election to be held in May.
  3. The Vice President of Equity Diversity & Inclusion will assume office in May

Clause 3: Duties of the Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion    

The Vice President of Equity Diversity and Inclusion must:

  1. Chair the EDI Committee
  2. Serve as liaison between the ASO and Executive Director of Employee Equity, Inclusion and Professional Development
  3. Maintain contact with campus directors to ensure the coordination of policy and procedure changes that are more inclusionary
  4. Coordinate with learning communities and clubs to offer a space to talk about experiences that are not equitable and inclusionary and discuss what can be done
  5. Be a member of the President’s Cabinet.
  6. Work with the VP of Outreach to create and promote events for underrepresented students/issues
  7. Coordinate with the VP of Public Relations to write official ASO statements
  8. Will be the official student representative in investigations

Online Election Timeline

  • Monday, April 27th
    Deadline to submit Candidate Application 
  • Friday, May 1st
    Mandatory Candidate Meeting at 11:00 A.M. (via Zoom or telephone)
  • Monday, May 4th - Friday, May 8th
    Campaigning Period
  • Monday, May 11th - Thursday, May 14th
    Election Period (candidates can still campaign during this time)
  • Friday, May 15
    Results Announced