High School Students

Welcome High School Students!

If you will be starting at Southwestern College in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019, you will not need to take an assessment test!

Instead, you will be placed by a new system that uses what you have already done in high school to determine where you can start at Southwestern College. More information about

What You Should Know about the New Placements

For Fall 2019, incoming students who completed high school in the United States within the last 10 years will be placed into mathematics, English and reading course sequences based on one or more of the following:

  • unweighted overall high school grade point average (HS GPA)
  • courses taken in high school
  • grades in high school courses

Most students can expect to be placed into a mathematics, English and/or reading course at the transfer level.

  • Students who have a strong history of academic performance will be most likely be able to enroll in the transfer course directly.
  • Students who are determined to be likely to benefit from additional help in passing the transfer level course will be required to take a co-requisite course along with the transfer level course.

Students will get two mathematics placements based on their intended field of study:

  • Students who are pursuing fields of study that do not require knowledge of higher level algebra and calculus will be able to take transfer level math classes that focus on statistics or other types of mathematical reasoning that meet the requirements for their chosen field of study. This sequences in called Statistics and Liberal Arts Math or SLAM.
  • Students who plan on majoring in Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (BSTEM) and related fields will be directed to course sequences that include higher level algebra and calculus courses to prepare  them for the work they will do in their chosen field of study

Placement within each course mathematics course sequence will depend on the kinds of math classes that were taken in high school, the grades that the student received in those courses, and the student’s overall high school GPA

Students will also receive a recommendation for a reading course. Although a reading course is not required for graduation, strong reading ability is a foundation for success in almost all other college courses.

Some students may not be able to be placed on their high school information alone. Students who:

  • completed high school outside of the United States
  • attended less than two years of high school in the United States
  • want instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • received modified instruction in English or math, such as Fundamental English or Fundamental Math, in a Special Education program

These students will need to go through a guided process to help them determine the level where they can enter the mathematics, English, Reading, and Englsih as a Second Laguage course sequences. More information about these processes and how to participate in them will be made available soon.

Additional Information