The Assessment and Prerequisites Services Center provides timely and thorough assessment of student skill levels in English, reading and mathematics to provide placements. We also work with students to use assessments and coursework from other institutions to see if they can be used to meet course and program prerequisites at Southwestern College. More information about requisites, prerequisite services and using external assessment results can be found on the Prerequisites page of this website.

In the Assessment Center, a highly qualified and trained staff ensures a secure yet relaxed assessment environment aimed at minimizing student anxiety and increasing student success.

Individualized accommodations are available to meet the needs of students with disabilities - Please contact Disability Support Services at (619) 482-6512 or TTY 619-492-6470.

Southwestern College offers assessment services to all students to improve their chances of success.

Assessment & Placement at Southwestern College is changing!

Students who are registering for Summer and Fall 2019 terms do not need to take an assessment test. These students will be placed using a new process. Please be patient with us while we get our processes in place. More information about upcoming changes can be found in the video and text below.

Southwestern College's placement process is based on multiple measures of student achievement to give a more complete picture of who you are as a student and what your needs are. The process is slightly different depending on what kind of information is available to us about your academic record. Look below to understand how you will be placed.

For more information, take a look at this video about California Assembly Bill 705.

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