Placement and Prerequisite Forms

The majority of the forms and petitions on this page can be completed and submitted online. Log in with My SWC is required to access these forms. To avoid access issues, please logout of all personal Google accounts on your device before clicking on the form links.

Some forms are downloadable and fillable PDF forms. Please follow the submission instructions next to these forms to submit them for processing.

Placement Forms

Southwestern College Mathematics, English and English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Tool

New student or current students who has not received new placements since Fall 2019 can use this interactive module to get placements into mathematics, English Composition, or ESL courses at Southwestern College.

English Composition Concurrent Support Opt-out Petition

Students who are placed into concurrent support for English 115 (i.e. ENGL 45 or NC 165) and had an overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher can use the English Composition Concurrent Support Opt-out Petition to be approved to take English 115 without English 45 or Noncredit 165. Click here to access the English Composition Concurrent Support Opt-out Petition.

Placement Re-evaluation Request

Students who believe that there was an error in their placements, may submit a Placement Re-evaluation Request form. Please be aware that a transcript or other documentation is needed for most requests to be considered.

Prerequisites Forms

External Assessment Prerequisite Evaluation Request

The External Assessment Prerequisite Evaluation Request form is used by students to report Advance Placement, International Baccalaureate or other exam score to get permission to enroll in a more advanced courses at Southwestern College.

Students who are seeking course or general education credit for AP, IB or other exams should use the Student Petition form processed by Admissions and Records.

External Course Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form

The External Course Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form seek permission to enroll in higher level courses in a sequence at Southwestern College by using classes classes that they completed with a grade of C or higher at another regionally accredited college or university.

Program Enrollment Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form

The Program Enrollment Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form is used by students who are applying to  Southwestern College's Nursing or Law Enforcement Academy programs and have completed the requirements for their program at another college or university. The completed form will be included in the student's application package to show that requirements have been met.

Instructor Skills Memorandum

The Instructor Skills Memorandum is completed by a Southwestern College faculty member to inform the Prerequisites Office that the student has demonstrated the required skill to satisfy a prerequisite through a skills demonstration such as an audition, portfolio, language skill demonstration, keyboarding test, or other demonstration of skill.

Download and save the PDF of the Instructor Skills Memorandum form. Fill out the student information section and share it with the professor conducting the skills assessment. After your skills assessment is completed, the faculty member will email the form directly to the Prerequisites Office staff. Forms emailed to the Prerequisites Office by students will not be accepted.