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Policies & Procedures

DSS Policies and Procedures


  1. Service Suspension: I understand that if I am absent from a scheduled appointment or service two (2) times in one semester without contacting DSS at least 24 hours in advance to cancel the service, my services will be suspended until I meet with my DSS Specialist and explain my absences. Contact DSS by phone (Voice) (619) 482-6512, VP (619) 207-4480, or by email dss@swccd.edu
  2. I will make contact or meet at least once per semester with a DSS professional to review my progress.
  3. I understand that DSS specialists may need to discuss my education and use of academic accommodations with others who have an educational need to know. Please initial if you agree for DSS to communicate with your parents as appropriate ____________.
  4. Denial of accommodation: If an accommodation is denied, immediately contact your DSS Specialist per SWC procedure (5140 – (AP) Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities). You may also, contact the 504 Compliance Officer, the Dean of Student Services, located at the Cesar Chavez Student Services Center, Room S109.
  5. I must follow the Standards of Student Conduct in class and public areas of Southwestern College.

I understand that I must fulfill the above requirements for participation in the DSS program. I have received a copy of this policy on suspension of DSS services, and I understand the consequences of failing to comply with the rules for responsible use of DSS services. I understand I will be notified in writing after the first absence.


BP=Board Policy

AP=Administrative Procedure