Computer, Wireless Access & Printing

Computers in the Library

Computers are provided for student use within the library. The Library OneSearch Sytem and internet access is accessible from all computers in the library building.

Limited applications are available on computers located on the second floor. More applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and other educational software applications are available on computers located in the Interdisciplinary and Multi-Media Tutoring Labs located on the third floor. Printing is available from all computers

Because the number of computers is limited, library users are requested to restrict their use of computers to study-related activities.

Access to the computers in the Interdisciplinary Tutoring Center is restricted to students currently enrolled at Southwestern College. Members of the public may access the Internet, and use email on library computers located in the reference area on the second floor of the library.

For additional information regarding computer use at Southwestern College and in the library see our Library Policies.

Note: the third floor is closed until further notice; visit the ASC for additional computers/software

WiFi Access

All library locations should have access to WiFi. Scan for available networks.  



You can print from any library computer at  the Southwestern College Main and Otay Mesa libraries. Students can use their student ID cards or MySWC account information to pay for their printing. 

  • Printing costs 10¢ a page for black and white and 25¢ for color.
  • Pay for your printing with a Southwestern College student ID card.
  • You can add monetary value to an existing card at the Pay Elite station.
  • Patrons using library computers will identify, pay and print their documents from Print Release Stations located in the library building.
  • Ask for information or help at any library service desk.                     



The library at Chula Vista has a new book scanner. Free and easy to use, the KIC Bookeye scanner is located on the 2nd floor of the Library. If you need to scan some pages of a book or copy an assignment, this is the easiest way to do it. You can save in different file formats and send to email, the cloud, or your USB device.

Ask a library staff member for assistance!

Flatbed scanners are located on the 3rd floor of the library (currently unavailable) as well as HEC OM and HEC SY Libraries.


Photocopying at the Chula Vista campus is currently in transitio. Please see a library staff member for assistance if you need photopies.

Libraries at the Higher Education Centers have self-service photocopiers within the library or close by. Photocpies are 10¢ per single sided page.

Need additional help? Visit the library's Frequently Asked Questions or contact us with your online inquiries using Ask a Librarian.