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College Police Department

The Southwestern College Police Department is entrusted with the responsibility of serving the campus communities with skillful, dedicated, and compassionate constitutional policing and public safety services. We are committed to achieving excellence through professional and unbiased law enforcement services to our students, staff, faculty as well as the surrounding community by treating everyone with dignity and respect and performing our duties in line with the college community’s values and priorities. We value the civil rights guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California and recognize the importance of procedural justice in our operations.

The College Police Department is staffed with personnel to provide law enforcement and public safety services from the hours of 5am though 12:00am, Monday through Saturday except for holidays and designated academic breaks. Dispatchers are available to answer your calls and inquiries. In response to a call for service, the College Police will take the required action, either dispatching an officer to a campus location or asking the informant or victim to report to the College Police office at Room 105D to receive services or file a crime or incident report.

When to Contact College Police

  • You are a victim of a crime.
  • You see a crime being committed.
  • You see or become aware of an emergency or life-threatening situation that could include a natural or man-made disaster.
  • You become aware of a medical or mental health emergency.
  • You see or become aware of an act of violence or threat of violence.
  • You become aware of a fight, loud argument or other disturbance.
  • You see or become aware of suspicious persons or activities.
  • You want to report unsafe conditions on college property.
  • You want an escort on campus or to your vehicle.
  • You feel unsafe for any reason.
  • You observe a water leak or other utility outage.
  • You observe persons using drugs, alcohol or possessing weapons.
  • You become aware of animals left unattended in vehicles.
  • You observe unattended minors.
  • You observe or are involved in a traffic accident.
  • You wish to report traffic congestion, parking problems or parking violations.

College Police Officers are sworn peace officers in compliance with the California Education Code 72330 and the California Penal code 830.32(a). They receive the same core training as all peace officers in San Diego County and in the State of California. They have enforcement authority on or about the campus, which is to enforce federal and state laws as well as institutional policies. College Police Officers also have jurisdiction to operate on Southwestern Community College District owned or controlled property, adjacent properties and public streets, and ultimately throughout the State of California in cooperation with other government agencies and mutual aid situations. College Police Officers have the authority to make arrests on and around the campuses of the Southwestern Community College District and throughout the State of California. The College Police Department employs Campus Service Officers and Public Safety Assistants who are non-sworn members. Campus Service Officers and Public Safety Assistants perform security and parking functions and are tasked with reporting crimes, suspicious activity, and other public safety concerns.

Reporting Crimes

The College Police Department encourages the prompt reporting of all crimes by victims or others with knowledge of crimes or criminal behavior, disturbances, and circumstances that involve violence, the threat of violence, medical or mental health distress or other emergencies. Timely and accurate reporting is essential to ensure prompt enforcement action, investigative follow-up, effective response to emergencies, quick initiation of Timely Warning Notices, and ensure annual crime statistics are accurately reported. Reporting parties should strive to provide clear and accurate information to ensure an immediate and proper response.

Individuals may also make report crimes to a Southwestern College Campus Security Authority (CSA), identified as an individual employee or college organization that has a significant responsibility for student and campus activities. Campus Security Authorities include all Administrators and Management personnel, College Police personnel, faculty advisors to student groups, and athletic coaches.

Crime Alerts

The College Police Department will post Crime Alerts to notify the campus of criminal incidents or crime trends that could impact personal safety or the security of property.


Any person who is dissatisfied with police services or has been subjected to or witnessed misconduct by police personnel may initiate a complaint. Complaints may be made by speaking directly with College or Police Administration or by filling out and submitting a complaint form.

Persons wishing to voice their complaint may contact the Chief of Police or a Police Sergeant by calling (619) 482-6380 or by calling the Office of the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs at (619) 482-6311. A written complaint can be submitted by mail or dropped off in person and directed to the Chief of Police in Building 22 or the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs in Room 46B-152A at Southwestern College, 900 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista, CA 91910.

Access the Complaint Form (Word) here.

Southwestern College Police Procedure Manual

The Southwestern College Police Procedure Manual can be accessed here.