The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is to guide an on-going college-wide process of planning and annual outcomes assessment for the purpose of documenting that the college is achieving its mission and strategic priorities and that it is continuously improving its programs and services.


Beginning with the college's mission, vision, and strategic priorities, the OIE works collaboratively to develop unit/division purpose statements and annual objectives and/or learning outcomes to support SWC's mission and strategic priorities; further, OIE assists in developing procedures, assessment methods and criteria for measuring the success of the unit/division learning outcomes; also, OIE documents the results and use of results to show that the unit is continuously improving its programs and/or services, utilizing the continuous Planning-Implementing-Evaluating (PIE) integrated planning process.


Linda Gilstrap, Dean, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Executive Director, Southwestern College Foundation
lgilstrap@swccd.edu | 619.216.6614 | Room 103A

Anna Flores, Administrative Secretary II
aflores@swccd.edu | 619.216.6615 | Room 103A

Dawn Perez, Research, Planning, Grants, & Foundation Compliance Coordinator
dperez@swccd.edu | 619.482.6426 | Room 103A

Linda Hensley, Director, Research, Grants & Planning
lhensley@swccd.edu | 619.216.6686 | Room 105E

David Wales, Senior Research & Planning Analyst
dwales@swccd.edu | 619.421.6700, ext. 5529 | Room 105K

Caitlin Phillips, Research Analyst
cphillips@swccd.edu | 619.421.6700, ext. 5909 | Room 105G

Annette Ignacio, Grant Writer
aignacio@swccd.edu | 619.421.6700, ext. 5505 | Room 105H

Carlos Gomez, Grant Writer
cgomez@swccd.edu | 619.421.6700, ext. 5460 | Room 105J

Randy Beach, Institutional Program Review and Outcomes Coordinator
rbeach@swccd.edu | 619.421.6700, ext. 5897| Room 105F


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