SharePoint Portal

SWC is transitioning to a SharePoint Portal for storing all committee documents, public folders and internal resources in one location. SharePoint is a web platform that integrates with Microsoft Office and offers many capabilities for district wide collaboration and document management.

Accessing SWC's SharePoint Portal

You can access the SharePoint Portal from on or off-campus by using your Internet browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device: You will use your email/network username and password to log in. From off-campus, or not using a staff machine, you will need to enter sccd\ in front of your username in order to log in.

Although SharePoint 2010 works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, it is a Microsoft product that works best with Internet Explorer and Silverlight.

In order to prevent SharePoint from continually requesting your login credentials to view new documents, the portal can be made a "trusted site" by entering the URL in IE (see directions).

SharePoint 2010 Training

SharePoint 2010 is a robust product and our staff development office offers a two-part training course.  Please check the calendar or contact the staff directly with any questions.  In addition, there are many online resources that can help you transition to SharePoint 2010.