Southwestern College

Southwestern College CalWORKs staff understands that life has its multiple demands and that resources are invaluable.  For your convenience, we have listed three beneficial County of San Diego and State resources. 


  • ACCESS is a County of San Diego website that can answer questions you have on your case.  Have your case number, pencil/pen and paper ready.  Students have shared with us that the phone wait is long, so we encourage you to use the e-mail option, if possible.
  • ACCESS toll-free phone number:  1-866-262-9881
  • ACCESS Customer Service Link:

CalWORKs Program Guide 

Fair Hearing—California Department of Social Services

  • If you disagree with any County action, you have 90 days to appeal and request a hearing which begins the day after the County mails you a Notice of Action (NOA).  Read the back of the NOA carefully for Fair Hearing instructions and addresses.
  • Call toll free at 800-952-5253 to request a State Fair Hearing.  Have pencil and paper ready.
    • You can also fax a request to the State Fair Hearing Division (Sacramento, CA), 916-651-2789 or 916-651-5210. 
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