Disability Support Services (DSS)

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Thank you for visiting the Southwestern College DSS Web page. We are delighted to support you! You can virtually chat with DSS Staff during DSS business hours by clicking the “Enter DSS Lobby” button below. We may be assisting other students when you enter the DSS lobby so please wait momentarily to be served. Thank you for your patience.

You can find many of the forms and information you may need below on the DSS Web site. Find out how to request an appointment, accommodations, records, and services below.

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What is DSS

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides services for students with disabilities at Southwestern College mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. These civil rights legislations prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Operating under these mandates, DSS provides students who qualify with specialized services to support maximum participation in Southwestern College programs and activities.

How to Apply for DSS Services

In order to be eligible for DSS Services, you must be a Southwestern College student with a documented disability.

  1. Log into your My SWC Account to complete the Southwestern College DSS Application (English); DSS Application (Spanish). If you do not have a My SWC Account, you may complete a PDF version of the Southwestern College DSS Application (PDF - English); DSS Application (PDF - Spanish).
  2. Email your completed, signed, and dated DSS Application to dss@swccd.edu
  3. Provide disability verification documentation to DSS. Your disability verification documentation may come from your high school, a healthcare practitioner or a social service agency.

For recent High School Graduates - "Disability Verification" Includes:

  • A copy of your IEP and Psychological Report; OR
  • A copy of your 504 Plan.

Other Applicants: Disability Verification can be submitted by having a healthcare professional or agency complete and sign Part "C" of the Disability Verification Form (PDF - English); Disability Verification Form (PDF - Spanish).

Submitting Verification Documents to DSS

If you have a Southwestern College student ID number you can submit documents to DSS via the Document Dropbox for Students, a secure application available through your MySWC Account.

Login to your MySWC Account to electronically submit documents to DSS Student Dropbox.

The DSS Student Dropbox page also includes detailed instructions on how to use the dropbox. You can also view instructions in this Student Dropbox instructional video.

When DSS has received your application and disability documentation we will contact you to schedule an appointment with a DSS Specialist. We will discuss appropriate accommodations, support services, and academic programs through an interactive process with you at this appointment.

Request a DSS Appointment

Students who are admitted to DSS can request an appointment online. To request an appointment  complete this Request a DSS Appointment form. DSS will call you in one business day or less to schedule your appointment.

Request Authorized Academic Accommodation Forms

Continuing DSS students can use this Request for Authorized Academic Accommodations form. Follow the instructions on the form to have your accommodations emailed to you.

Requesting DSS Records

No information will be released from Southwestern College Disability Support Services (DSS) without a signed Consent to Release Confidential Information form on file. Students must complete this form and submit the form to the DSS office at dss@swccd.edu with a current valid photo ID. This release form pertains only to records originated by the Southwestern College Disability Support Services (DSS) office.

Records originated from health care providers, social service agencies and other educational institutions will not be released to outside parties. We recommend you request these records from their original source. 

Our Services

High Tech Center

Learn about a variety of assistive technologies, evaluate needs, and accomplish more in a supportive environment.

Disability, Academic and Personal Counseling

Get help with your Student Education Plan, academic advising, referrals, and more.

Educational Assistance Courses

Improve your academic skills, identify career goals, and participate in specialized exercise courses.

Learning Disability Assessments

What is a learning disability (LD)? Find out more, including who is eligible for a learning assessment and how LD is determined.

Test Proctoring

Have you been assigned testing accommodations? Find out what you need to do to use DSS Test Proctoring.

Interpreting/Real-Time Captioning

Find out what services are available to promote language equality, such as note-taking, captioning, and more.


In addition to DSS services, a variety of supportive programs, activities, and resources are available through the Southwestern College Disability Support Services (DSS) Office.

Additional resources made available through DSS richly enhance the educational experience of students in the program and prepares students for life after college.

Click on any of the below links for more information:

Outside the Classroom Resources


A.B.L.E. Club

The student-led Abilities Beyond Limitation through Education club increases disability awareness throughout Southwestern’s campus.


Access Awards

Open to students and staff, these awards recognize those who make a difference to life on campus for students with disabilities.



This program provides career counseling for students with disabilities, including skills training, employment prep, and more.