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MySWC is your gateway to all things Southwestern! Use your MySWC Account to login to several applications, including the new and improved MySWC Portal.

Coming Soon - Student Email to M365

Student email will be moving from Google Gmail to Microsoft 365 Outlook.

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MySWC Portal

NEW! As of January 7, 2024, the MySWC Portal has moved to the cloud and is better than ever! Follow the button link below for an overview and a helpful video demonstration.

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MySWC Account Requirement

Every student and staff/faculty member is required to setup and maintain a MySWC Account. Not only is it used to log you in to several different applications, it's also used to electronically sign forms and documents. As such, it is absolutely vital that you never share your password with anyone!

By using your MySWC Account, you agree to abide by 3720 AP (Computer & Network Acceptable Use Policy).

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Learn about the importance of strong passwords and lots more on the Safe & Secure IT webpage.

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To login to MySWC, use the button below or follow the "MySWC" link at the very top of every page on this website.

Note. Please keep in mind that both username and password are case sensitive.

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Campus Apps

With 30 Campus Apps and counting, MySWC is the fastest growing and most widely used platform on and off campus! Apps that use MySWC to verify your identity include Canvas, Self-Service, Cornerstone, ESM Contract Management and many more!

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