Welcome Parents and Guardians! Transitioning from high school to higher education is exciting and terrifying for parents and students alike.  Once your family member turns 18, you may no longer contact the Counseling Center or College for progress reports and must rely on second hand information by way of your student, a dramatic shift from the previous K-12 years!

Chances are you found this website because you’re looking for some answers.

If your student is still in high school, become involved by asking questions of the teachers and counselors and learn what the academic expectations and requirements are for college and university.

Acquiring essential skills in Reading, English, and Mathematics is critical to everyone’s success whether it be for the career technical field, the workplace, college or university. Students who continue to sharpen these essential skills during high school transition more easily to college, university, and the work force.

If your student is...

...still in middle school or high school, print out the College Preparation Checklist and place it where your student can see. Next, study the parent information website to discover more ways to guide your student towards higher education.

...currently a senior in the Sweetwater Union High School District, he or she may participate in EAP (Early Admissions Program) at Southwestern College. EAP offers early assessment, orientation and registration to students long before the fall semester begins, and before continuing Southwestern College students register for their classes.

Important Tips for Students!

  • Take the College Placement Assessments seriously! Placement results may place your student in a lower class level. See the Southwestern College Assessment webpage for further information
  • Pay attention during the Online Orientation and ask questions! You won’t see a counselor until the semester begins, so understand what the placement results mean and how to register for classes.
  • Register for classes on your registration appointment date. EAP students get first pick before continuing students. Classes fill up quickly, so register early!