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Jaguar Pathways is a framework designed to advance student completions by offering clear educational paths that integrate student services, counseling, and academic support for the student.

SWC staff working together to design more successful practices for students.  SWC staff working together to design more successful practices for students.

SWC staff working together to design more successful practices for students.

Our collective promise to students is to provide them access, available support, and exceptional instruction in programs that promote an upwardly mobile pathway to success. We pledge to make ourselves available to meet our students as they come to us, and help them achieve their educational goals.

The College constituency will reexamine every facet of the institution to identify structural barriers that impede or prevent the success of our students and invest in equity-minded, collaborative and aligned, policies, practices, and behaviors that lead to the success of ALL students.

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Photo of Guided Pathways Summit 2018 Attendees

Guided Pathways Ambassadors at the 2018 Guided Pathways Summit in Rancho Mirage, CA