Ask A Counselor

Hello. Need some help?

That’s why we’re here. Our virtual drop-ins allow you to quickly connect with counselors so you can get stuff done, visit our Ask a Counselor Lobby

For a quick drop-in session, there are things we can help you with and other things we’ll need more time to talk through. The academic and career counseling process is a long one that has important impacts, so we want to make sure we set enough time aside to talk things through. If you want to set up a longer chat (45 minutes), visit our Student Services lobby.

Have some immediate things you need help with? We’re here to help!

If you know what classes you want to register for but need help signing up, watch this video.


"Ask A Counselor" can answer questions about:


  • transferability of Southwestern College courses
  • college procedures and academic policies
  • certificate, degree and transfer requirements
  • course prerequisites
  • course offerings and course content
  • referral to other programs/services

"Ask A Counselor" cannot answer questions about:


  • personal counseling
  • career counseling
  • other college transcript evaluation
  • degree completion check
  • questions that violate FERPA guidelines

Chat with a counselor:

Ask A Counselor Lobby

Please view the Virtual Chat page  for more information on how to use Cranium Café.