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Southwestern College is a leader in sustainability in South Bay. We are committed to creating a healthy and  beautiful environment for our community, our campus, our people and our future. We strive to continue practices in teaching, research and practices, which foster sustainability principles and leads to safer, efficient, equitable environments.

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Our programs provide the knowledge, understanding and skills, so our students can become sustainability leaders no matter what field of study they pursue.  Check out these resources for more information regarding our programs.

Automotive Technology Architecture Environmental Technology Sustainable Energy Studies
Landscape & Nursery Technology Construction Management Community Economic & Urban Development Culinary Arts

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Sustainability can provide environmental, economic and social benefits to SWC campus, As new technologies and programs are developed, the college has partnered with industry and others institutions to develop and promote viable and sustainable practices with students , faculty and staff.

Projects & Activities

Projects and Activities

Students and faculty throughout the various programs on campus, are making a big impact by collaborating with local agencies, taking part in sustainably charged actions and green projects. 

Campus Initiatives

SWC Campus has been upgrading facilities and building new . Many of our buildings including the Math and Science Building, The Performing Arts Center have achieved LEED certification. 

Education and Volunteering

Education and Volunteering

At SWC our students, faculty and larger community are reimagining how we farm and produce our food, use energy and contribute to the community of South Bay.


Here you will find many options to learn about local organizations interested in hiring people just like you, in internships and career positions building your networks , and moving forward.  



Take a look at how SWC is creating a green and sustainable future. Learn more about the buildings designed and built to U.S. Green Building council standards, electric, vehicles, energy management systems, water conservation and more.

Effort and Awards for a Greener Future

Southwestern College shines as a beacon of sustainability, exemplifying its commitment to eco-conscious practices through a series of impactful campus  initiatives. These initiatives, carefully designed and implemented, reflect the college's dedication to fostering a greener environment and a brighter  future. From renewable energy projects to waste reduction efforts, Southwestern College's proactive stance on sustainability serves as an inspiring model for both its students and the wider community

Solar Energy Waste Reduction Water Conservation
Leed Certification Sustainable Transportation Eco-Friendy Dining


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