Mission Statement

Southwestern Community College District is the premier public institution of higher education in Southern San Diego County that serves a diverse community of students by providing quality academic programs, comprehensive student support services that ensure equitable access, and clear pathways to student success.

Southwestern Community College District promotes learning and success to prepare students to become critical thinkers and engaged life-long learners/global citizens. The District is committed to continuous improvements through the use of data-informed planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Southwestern Community College District utilizes a variety of instructional modalities to provide educational and career opportunities in the following areas: Associate degree and certificate programs, transfer, professional, technical and career advancement, foundational skills, personal enrichment, and continuing education.

 Governing Board approved March 10, 2020

Vision Statement

Southwestern College is the leader in equitable education that transforms the lives of students and communities.

Value Statements

Student Success - Southwestern College provides a student-centered environment, through equitable access, opportunity, support, and clear pathways that enable students to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Equity - Southwestern College intentionally identifies and removes barriers to cultivate success for all, and purposely addresses the effects of systemic inequities.

Scholarship - Southwestern College inspires students to become lifelong learners and responsible global thinkers.

Professional Excellence - Southwestern College continuously supports and educates all employees to ensure effective collaboration, support student success, and uphold the highest professional standards.

Cultural Proficiency - Southwestern College engages in cultural proficiency by providing a rich learning environment that embraces our cultural differences and experiences.

Sustainability of Stewardship - Southwestern College utilizes natural, financial and physical resources effectively, equitably, and respectfully.

Community - Southwestern College bridges the gap between higher education, civic engagement, and economic well-being to the community we serve.

Inclusionary Practices - Southwestern College actively honors and respects diversity to foster a safe and welcoming community where all are inspired to participate and realize a sense of belonging.