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Associated Student Organization (ASO)

Become a Peer Leader

Are you looking for a place to connect at Southwestern College? A place where you can not only meet people but also make a change? Look no further.

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) offers a unique opportunity for students to gain leadership and communication skills. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, open yourself to new perspectives, and learn procedural basics that will help you make Southwestern a better place, and help you in your next chapter in life.

So what exactly is ASO? ASO is the officially recognized voice of the college’s 22,000 students. It consists of elected members who work with the college to allocate funds based on student interest and communicate with students and staff to provide benefits throughout the school.

Active ASO members are engaged and interesting students who thrive on proactively making the college a better place to learn, connect, and grow. Find out more about the ASO, as well as related activities, below.

Get Involved

ASO operates closely with several other organizations at Southwestern College, providing assistance to a number of clubs and groups. On top of that, many students who are involved with clubs and learning communities end up getting involved with ASO at some point. Find out more about how you can get involved and find a community that fits your interests.

See what the ASO will up to this semester! Click below for upcoming events/deadlines

ASO Event Calendar


ASO Executive Board Officers

Find out who your elected board members are, check out any vacancies, and see how you can get involved.

Clubs & Organizations

Find a group to connect with based on your interests; start a club of your own or join an existing one.

Learning Communities

Lots of ASO members start off in LCs, find themselves active in clubs, and then finally with ASO. Learn and grow with one of the several groups we offer.

Student Activities

 Wondering which events and programs are going on around campus? Find out more here.

ASO Student Activities Sticker

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) Student Activities Sticker is an optional, $8 fee charged upon enrollment that provides numerous benefits to Southwestern College.

Privileges include the following:

  • Free Calculator Rental Program (during COVID19)
  • Graduation Cap & Gown Loan Program
  • Eligibility for ASO Scholarships
  • Free shipping for SWC Campus Bookstore textbook purchases
  • Monthly textbook & supplies Giveaway
  • Access to Emergency Grants via SWC Cares
  • Additional free ASO Giveaways

If you would like to opt-out of the fee and receive an $8 refund, you must do so before the second Friday of the semester. Visit or call the Office of Student Activities at Room 67A-105 inside the Student Center for more information.

ASO Meetings

The weekly ASO meetings on Thursdays are where much of the ASO’s work takes place. Spirited discussions on how to best help our students are commonplace and many of these discussions eventually lead to the events and advocacy efforts you see around campus throughout the year. Examples include funding for clubs, activities, and other priorities that have been brought to the ASO’s attention.

These meetings are not just opportunities for the ASO to allocate funding, but also to work with one another and groups at Southwestern to build relationships, run meetings effectively, and collaborate with one another to prioritize what is best with the resources that are available. All of the ASO meetings are open to the public and the agendas for the meetings can be found here: ASO Agendas & Minutes

ASO Constitution

The ASO Constitution is the governing document of the Associated Student Organization. It details the duties of the ASO Officers and committees as well as various policies and procedures of the organzation.

ASO Constitution

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Director of Student Development


Richard Eberheart

Student Activities Coordinator

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Student Services Specialist