Associated Student Organization (ASO)

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) of Southwestern College is the official recognized voice of the college’s 22,000 students. The organization offers a unique opportunity for students to gain both leadership and communication skills while also being able to meet new people and learn the basics of parliamentary procedure.

“We, the students of Southwestern College, in order to provide a student government committed to effective student participation in all areas of student concern; that we may through independent action and in concert with other constituencies of the college community, participate in the formation and improvement of educational programs; protect full freedom of assembly and expression in the college community, articulate and represent student interest in the governance of the campus.”

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) Student Activities Sticker 

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) Student Activities Sticker is a small, $8 fee charged upon enrollment that provides numerous benefits to Southwestern College.

With the Student Activities Stucker, SWC students are eligible to receive discounts both on- and off-campus. In addition, sticker holders possess direct access to some of the college's most beneficial programs and services. Check out free ASO giveaways during the semester.

Opt-out Procedure: This is an optional fee. If you would like to opt out of the fee and receive an $8 refund, you must do before the second Friday of the semester. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the below benefits. Visit or call the Office of Student Activities at Room 67A-105 inside the Student Center for more information.

During this COVID-19 environment, the ASO evaluated more ways and means to support our students to succeed in their educational goals.  The Associated Student Organization (ASO) Sticker is an eight dollar feee charged upon enrollment that provides numerous benefits to SWC Students while supporting student leadership and development on campus. With this sticker, SWC students gain access to some of the college's most beneficial programs and services and become eligible for free or discounted prices.

Student Activities Privileges

  • Free Calculator Rental Program (during COVID19)
  • Graduation Cap & Gown Loan Program
  • Eligibility for ASO Scholarships
  • Free shipping for SWC Campus Bookstore textbook purchases
  • Monthly textbook & supplies Giveaway
  • Access to Emergency Grants via SWC Cares
  • Free ASO Giveaways

ASO Meetings

Per the Ralph M. Brown Act, The ASO notifies the public of all meetings of the Associated Student Organization at least 72 hours prior and all are welcome to attend. These weekly meetings are where much of the work of ASO takes place. Spirited discussions on how to best help our students is commonplace at any meeting and many of these discussions eventually lead to the events and advocacy efforts you see around campus throughout the year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all meetings are held via virtually via Zoom. Agendas and meeting access information are posted publicly on the ASO Google Drive. Any individuals with disabilities requesting reasonable accommodation or modification of the meeting procedure so as to be able to watch the live feed or listen telephonically to the meeting and address the ASO may contact Ronnie Hands at

ASO Constitution

The constitution of the Associated Student Organization is the official governing document of the organization. It consists of the constitution, by-laws and house rules all of which delineate roles and responsibilities for ASO Officers as well as lays out the normal operating policies/procedures of the organization

ASO Constitution 2020-2021 (PDF)

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Ronnie Hands

Director of Student Development 216-6617

Jenny Marasigan

Student Services Specialist