Student Clubs and Organizations are the backbone of the Student Life here at Southwestern College. They offer an opportunity for students to engage with other students with similar tastes and interests ranging from academics to social endeavors. They help create a sense of belonging and connectedness for students in an otherwise large population where it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Moreover, students who are involved on any campus historically succeed at higher rates than their counterparts and with over 60 clubs/organizations on campus, we encourage ALL of our students to get involved while here at SWC!

To Join A Club

Most of our clubs here on campus work simply on a “Show Up and Get to Work” philosophy. They have an open door policy where you can meet a member, start attending meetings/events and get involved. Some clubs do have some additional requirements to be a member (i.e. GPA, dues, etc) so make sure to ask. The best way is to reach out to the club’s advisor or an officer to find out when their meetings are and start attending!

To Start a Club

If you do not find a club that quite fits your interests, then you can start your own.

You will need:

  • At least 10 currently enrolled students
  • A Faculty Advisor
  • A Club Constitution/Bylaws (we have templates you can use)
  • Complete the online Club Charter Application.
  • Club Charter forms & instructions are available on the Student Activities website

Club Forms

Here are the various forms that you will need as a club, including starting and managing the finances of the club.

Additional Club Resources

And here are some additional resources to help get you started in forming and maintaining your club. These are visual and interactive to help guide you through the various processes in the club system

Clubs on Campus

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