Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

What is the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)?

The SSSP is both a program and a process designed to help support and encourage your success in reaching your educational goals. Southwestern College will enter into an agreement with you that acknowledges mutual responsibilities. The college agrees to: provide an open access admissions process, fair and accurate assessment and placement, an orientation, student services, counseling and advisement on course selection, a curriculum or program of courses, follow-up on student progress with referral to support services when needed, and a program of institutional research and evaluation.

For you, the student, the agreement includes at least a general identification of an educational goal at the point of enrollment and declaration of a specific educational objective after reaching 15 college units. You are expected to be responsible for consistent class attendance, completing assigned coursework, and maintaining positive progress toward your educational goals. You are further expected to participate in orientation, assessment, counseling and other follow-up services that will help you reach your academic and career goals. Learn more:  SSSP Plan (Credit), SSSP Budget Plan (Credit), SSSP Plan (Non-Credit), SSSP Budget Plan (Non-Credit), SSSP Anual Research Agenda, SCCD SSSP Policy.

Priority Steps to Success

Your Success is our top priority! The Student Success and Support Program welcomes you and appreciates the opportunity to teach, inspire, nurture, and be an integral part of your learning process. Our counseling faculty are prepared to talk with you about your academic performance, choice of career, personal goals, and transfer opportunities.

  1. Orientation - Get Connected with Your Campus
    • Online orientation is an important step for new students in getting started at Southwestern College. It is the first step in becoming eligible for Priority Registration. When you register early, you get the courses you need to achieve your goals. Orientation also allows you to learn about financial aid, tutoring services, important locations on campus and types of degrees and programs available to you.
  2. Assessment - Discover Your Academic Skills
    • Students are asked to take Assessment tests in English, Writing, and Math prior to enrolling in any courses. The Assessment Placement scores aid in helping Counselors in assisting students to select the appropriate courses. Go to the Assessment webpage for testing schedule.
    • Students may satisfy the assessment step of SSSP by providing either (1) raw math and/or English test scores from California Community College approved tests taken within the last three years, or (2) a transcript from a regionally accredited college/university that documents completion of math and/or English assessment coursework with a grade of "C" or better to the Prerequisites department.
  3. Student Education Plan (SEP) - Create a Path to Success
    • Your education plan will be a semester by semester layout of what courses you will be taking while at SWC. This document created either on-line or during a counseling session will identify all General Education requirements, Major preparation, Pre-requisite courses, and Graduation requirements.