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Changes to Student Access

Coming Soon!

In accordance with the Guidelines for Student Email, Google G Suite & Office 365 (PDF), only registered students will be able to access Google G Suite, Office 365, and Student Email. Keep reading for important information about this change.

Guidelines for Student Email, Google G Suite & Office 365 (PDF)

New Student Accounts

Students who have never applied for admission to Southwestern College or returning students who have applied before but have not registered for three semesters or more:

New students who register for courses will have full access within 24 hours after registering (see "Registered Student Accounts" below).

Registered Student Accounts

Students who are actively registered for courses will enjoy complete access to:

Students who are not actively registered for courses will lose all access (see "Archived Student Accounts" below).

Archived Student Accounts

Students who haven't registered for courses within the past three semesters will have absolutely no access to Google G Suite, Office 365, and Student Email. These prior students will need to Apply to SWC again and Register for Courses (see "New Student Accounts" above). As a courtesy, students in jeopardy of losing access will receive an email notification approximately one semester before access is removed.

All About Campus Apps

Campus Apps are located at the very top of the MySWC Portal. Some apps are available to everyone, while other apps are visible only to those who are authorized to use them. Also, many Campus Apps participate in MySWC SSO, so there's no need to remember an additional set of usernames and passwords!

The accordions below provide an overview of each Campus App.

SWC Student Email and Google G Suite are also available on the MySWC Quick Connect bar. For more information about SWC Technology, visit the Institutional Technology website.