MySWC Account Creation

WebAdvisor is Retiring - December 27, 2023

After 20 years of faithfully serving the students, staff, and faculty of Southwestern College, WebAdvisor is ready to hand over its responsibilities to the next generation of web systems! To learn about the timeline and milestones of this project, follow the button link below.

WebAdvisor Retirement

New & Improved MySWC Portal - December 27, 2023

The Office of Institutional Technology will soon bring you a new and improved experience: MySWC Portal in the Cloud! Follow the button link below to learn more about this much needed upgrade and the enhancements we will all experience as a result.

MySWC Portal in the Cloud


The Office of Instutitional Technology, and Southwestern College as a whole, is in the process of upgrading and refreshing its existing web technologies with newer, more secure solutions. One of them (and most important) is your MySWC account – a “single sign-on” (SSO) application that will allow you to login to most of the secure SWC websites with the same username and password. As long as you remain logged in and keep your browser window open, you should be able to visit other secure SWC sites without needing to enter your username and password multiple times!

MySWC will also allow you to reset your password 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without assistance from the Help Desk! In order for this to happen, you will need to create a MySWC account with your personal information. This user guide will walk you through setting up your MySWC account step-by-step. Don’t worry – it takes less than 5 minutes!

Before You Start

  • Make sure your personal email is accessible and you are able to check your messages now.
  • Make sure you have your mobile phone with you (if you have one) and text messaging is working.
  • If you need help, look for the ? icon – click or tap on it for more information.

Learn About Password Security

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Go to MySWC
    • Enter Your Username
      • New Students: your username (example: md1234567) was sent to your personal email account when your application was accepted
      • Previous Students: your username is your MySWC ID (example: md1234567)
      • Faculty & Staff: your username was provided to you when your account was created.
    • Enter Your Password
      • Students: a TEMPORARY password has been set for your account and your previous MySWC password will no longer work. Your temporary password is the first letter of your MySWC ID (in uppercase), second letter of your MySWC ID (in lowercase), and your 6-digit date of birth (example: if you were born on July 4, 1993, your temporary password would be like Md070493)
        IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using 2 numbers for your birth month (07 instead of 7), 2 numbers for your birth day (04 instead of 4), and 2 numbers for your birth year (93 instead of 1993).
      • All Others: a temporary password should have been provided to you at the time your account was created.
    • Click the "New Users" button.
  2. New Password
    • Enter a New Password
      • Minimum of 8 characters
      • Maximum of 32 characters
      • Must contain at least one uppercase letter
      • Must contain at least one lowercase letter
      • Must contain at least one number
      • Cannot contain any part of your first name, last name, username, or SWC ID
      • Special characters are okay to use
        IMPORTANT: You will be required to change your password every 180 days.
    • Reenter Your New Password
    • Click the "Set Password" button
    • Once you see "Password Successfully Set," click the "Continue" button.
  3. Mobile Phone Number
    • Enter your mobile phone number if you have one (10 digits - dashes or parentheses are not required)
      • If you do not have a mobile phone or your phone number does not accept text messages, click the "cannot receive text messages" circle and then click the "Skip" button. Please note, the system will ask you for a mobile phone number every time you log in in the future, unless you check the box that stops them.
    • Click the "Continue" button
      • A text message containing a Verification Code will immediately be sent to your mobile phone. This code is only valid for 10 minutes! If you need a new one resent, click the "resend" link below the box.
  4. Verify Mobile Phone Number
    • Enter the Verification Code that was sent to your phone
    • Click the "Continue" button
    • Once you see "MySWC Action Successful," click the "Continue" button.
  5. Email Address
    • Enter your external, personal email address, like Gmail or Yahoo! (not This step is required and cannot be skipped.
    • Click the "Continue" button
      • An email message containing a Verification Code will immediately be sent to your personal email account entered above. This code is only valid for 10 minutes! If you need a new one resent, click the "resend" link below the box.
        IMPORTANT: Check your junk/spam folder for the code if not found in your inbox, especially if you use Microsoft mail, like Hotmail, MSN,, and
  6. Verify Email Address
    • Enter the Verification Code that was sent to your email.
    • Click the "Continue" button
    • On the popup, click the “Continue” button once the verification was successful.
  7. Done!
    • Your MySWC account has been created! Congratulations! Be sure to view the SWC Secure Sites that are listed on the Account Management page you are brought to, as several sites now use MySWC to verify your identity.
    • Thank you for taking the time to create your MySWC account!

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